Strange Case – Healing by Death

A photo from open sources

Scientists are convinced that we were all once demigods. But what happened, why a person was deprived of his unique abilities? A person can live without oxygen, do without food and water. His the strength to lift multi-ton plates and stay infinitely long in ice water without feeling cold. And most importantly, man capable of miraculous healing. The power of the human spirit and desire anyone, even a fatal illness, can conquer life … Recent studies prove that every person comes to this world with his mission, for the implementation of which he is given inexhaustible resources. All this information, according to scientists, lies in his brain. A person is sick because he wants to get sick and is recovering according to your subconscious desire. The main thing is to find who will help find the path to self-knowledge … A person is capable of miraculous healings: this fact is recognized today by scientists around the world. The news has turned traditional medicine, the power of human spirit and the desire to live – can defeat any, even fatal ailment. Scientists have no doubt that most often a person’s blind faith in a miracle can be a decisive factor when it is between life and death. The body seems to include all its reserve forces to to survive. But why is this happening? Are each of us really hidden some incredible abilities? And if so, then who us us endowed? Trying to find a clue, the researchers turned to the ancient texts. One of the biblical legends says: God created from the void earth, water and living things, and he created man in his own image and likeness, endowing it with unlimited power. Recent research scholars argue that biblical legends are based on real events…


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