Strange Case – Recipe of the Ancient Gods

A photo from open sources

More recently, sensational shots have been taken on northwest india. For the first time in the history of mankind archaeologists have discovered – incredible giant 12-meter skeletons. According to one version, the remains could belong to the legendary Rakshasam – long-lived giants mentioned in the numerous myths of ancient India.

According to legend, the Rakshasas were – immortal. American scientist Karen Berg – argues: the fact of the existence of Rakshasev proves that longevity is not a myth. People really The secret of eternal youth was once known. In 2009, the group Russian scientists during archaeological expeditions in Yakutia found in the frozen thickness of the earth – the remains of a mammoth. This is a find became sensational, because the age of the mammoth was – 12 thousand years! Moreover, with a detailed study of the animal’s body, scientists found on it bacteria that managed to survive with incredible low temperatures. When biologists established the age of these living creatures: the scientific world was shocked by a real sensation, because it turned out that these organisms are more than 3 million years old!

India mammoths

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