Strange Case: The Abode of the Gods

A photo from open sources

In April 2013, sensational news spread around the world. IN Sweden during the construction of the underground railway tunnel, which was supposed to connect the center of the capital with well-functioning suburban stations, engineers came across a unique artifact. First they saw a metal stick sticking out of stone, long примерно 60 см. На ней были выгравированыNorwegian runes and lightnings. But when scientists dedicated a piece of rocky rocks on special x-ray equipment – they tested shock. A hammer resembling a block of stone was found inside to the one that, according to legend, the god of storm and thunder possessed – Thor. However it was not the last sensation. Analysis showed that the stone was in very ancient layers of soil. And at that time, according to official science – humanity on Earth did not exist yet. Are myths telling about the existence of ancient gods true? And what if those whom we consider mythical heroes are actually were our ancient ancestors? Ancient texts say that everyone people had their own name, for heavenly beings who visited The earth. In ancient Greek mythology, these were Atlantes. Aztecs called them – white gods. And the ancient Indian epic of Mahabharata talks about the highest race of aliens. But why are the representatives extraterrestrial civilizations that helped our species evolve – stopped flying to Earth? Answer this question another unique ancient find helped the researchers … If we were once created in the image of our forefathers, if they gave us knowledge and the ability to develop further if they still guarding us and watching everything that happens in space – will they help us in due time, when the next earth shakes deadly disaster? Can humanity find a new home which will be located in the vast expanses of space?

Time Stones

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