Strange Egyptian structures discovered

Found strange constructions of EgyptA photo from open sources

Google Earth Online program today allows you to everyone who has the Internet to browse our planet in detail, and even look under its upper layer, which sometimes bodes to touch something completely transcendent.

Exactly the same way meticulous researchers, the so-called virtual archaeologists discovered under the sands of Egypt a fantastic an ornament very similar to the drawings of the Nazca desert. The same huge sizes that allow all this art to be considered only with bird’s-eye view or even from a satellite, the same lines and figures, clearly bearing some kind of semantic load that is not understandable to modern to man.

And the other day, online archaeologists have posted another successful online a find made using Google Earth Online, and namely, mysterious structures, which again appeared in Egypt.

What are these ancient buildings in Egypt

Of course, none of the netizens even thought that Google Earth Online has given us the most ordinary buildings, as the picture refuted it completely. Even the most incorrigible skeptics were forced to admit: this is something absolutely fantastic.

Most likely, many of those who were struck this picture that it is a ventilation system and at the same time the entrance to underground military base. For example, a famous online ufologist, positioning himself on YouTube under the nickname secureteam10, sure This is the secret base of the military. Enlarge the image, he advises, and You will notice huge structures made of concrete. On the object in the form of the letter “V” you can distinguish four inputs, on the second the building also has an entrance, exactly the same, but one. Judging in all, the base itself is quite deep below the surface land.

In addition, near these strange structures you can distinguish some ordinary buildings, next to them, buses and cars, but no people. All this is suspicious and incomprehensible, the ufologist summarizes his thoughts.

A photo from open sources

Are Egypt’s buildings an intercontinental metro?

Some Internet users have even suggested that these objects can be the entrance to the intercontinental metro, encircling the whole earth with tunnels that extend for thousands kilometers. And this is only one of the stations of such a subway. Therefore, it is worth looking for other outputs, which, for sure, scattered all over the planet. And no matter how fantastic such an assumption, supporters of the world conspiracy believe that under not only such highways were built by the earth, but entire cities, ready to accept a certain number of earthlings (within a hundred million) in the event of thermonuclear war.

After all, it’s no secret that modern megalopolises are go deeper into the ground, not to mention the construction of individual underground cities, which are clear from leaked information scattered all over the planet and connected to each other a whole network of such intercontinental metro. It is possible that Today, Internet archaeologists actually found one of the exits to the surface of this branched underground system.


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