Strange geoglyphs discovered in Peru again

Peru again discovered strange geoglyphsPhotos from open sources of

Scientists from the University of Yamagata (Japan) while studying Nazca deserts in Peru stumbled upon unknown until now time giant drawings. A report of this find has been posted. on the official website of the japanese university.

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A total of 143 geoglyphs were found on the plateau, including giant images of animals, various monsters and other mysterious creatures. Some of the drawings were discovered during field work, and part revealed artificial intelligence. Experts believe that discovered geoglyphs date from 100 BC up to 300 years AD

A photo from open sources

Now scientists are creating a map of the Peruvian area, based on received data from the air. At the same time, scientists hope to find an answer to the riddle of the origin of all the Nazca drawings.

A photo from open sources

Previously, researchers from the same university reported that some geoglyphs depict birds. They also noted that the ancients Peruvians had a certain sympathy for various exotic creatures that, according to scientists, could not live in these places.

It was previously reported how Peruvian researchers found new giant drawings on the Nazca Plateau in the province of Palma. Was found about fifty mysterious geoglyphs.

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