Swiss scientist – mistaken, English journalists – all mixed up

The Swiss scientist - was mistaken, the English journalists - all mixed upA photo British Open Daily spoke on open source days with a “real sensation” that the Swiss scientist Marcel Niffeniggeru managed to recreate the image of Siberian Ice Maiden, skull which in 1993 was discovered in Altai by Russian archaeologists. The find is two and a half thousand years old.

In the photo you see the image recreated by Marcel sixteen-year-old girl of Oochi-Bal (Altai their princess called just that). However, Russian scientists were very surprised this “sensation.”

Firstly, that follows from the explanation of the head of the Laboratory anthropological reconstruction of the Institute of Ethnology RAS E. Veselovskaya, judging by the photo, Marcel recreated the image of not a princess Ukok, a twenty-year-old girl found at the beginning of this century, which does not belong to a noble family. Secondly, as for the “sensational” work itself, it has been done quite not professionally, since such a wide nose even theoretically, the Altai could not be – it is still not Papuan.

As for British journalists, they like this with them happened more than once, they all messed up. That is, a “sensation” happened, but in reality it’s not worth a damn. Now it’s clear how all the information associated with the mysterious artefacts. They do not lose it, but simply misinterpret it.

This is how the real Ukok princess looked – the look is recreated Russian scientists.

A photo from open sources

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