Terrible weapon of ancient astronauts

The terrible weapon of the ancient astronautsA photo from open sources

One of the most exciting mysteries of ancient Egypt – huge fields of glass that were discovered in 1932 in December years, an employee of the “Egyptian Geological Gazette” Patrick Clayton rode by car among the desert dunes of the Great Sand Sea near plateau Saad Suddenly he heard under the wheels of an unusual car crunch. Stepping out of the car, the traveler found that on the way large pieces of transparent yellow-green glass are scattered … The glass was extremely clean almost devoid of impurities; it 98 percent consisted of silicone Clayton was not pioneer of the famous Libyan glass deposits deserts Still prehistoric hunters and nomads used it for the manufacture of knives and other items There is evidence that in a tomb of Tutankhamun discovered a scarab carved from glass Deposits of glass span hundreds of kilometers. Some pieces weigh. up to 26 kilograms, but most are smaller and shaped like the fragments of a giant green Po bottle generally accepted theory, the transformation of sand into glass occurred in as a result of the fall of the cosmic body, which provoked a powerful thermal emission However, this theory has a number of flaws the surface of the Great Sand Sea there are no traces of the crater, its could not be detected even during microwave sensing deep layers produced by satellite radar Some It is believed that the starship (or meteorite) did not fall to the Earth, but exploded a few kilometers above its surface, which explains the absence of a crater; however, this assumption does not explain another oddity The fact is that clusters of glass are not fixed in one, and in two areas of the desert It turns out there were two space guest7 After atomic bomb explosions during tests in the American new mexico desert sands turned into molten green glass Maybe glazed sand in Ancient Egypt inherited from the bygone nuclear war – a war that turned out to be able to turn the North Africa and Arabia into the desert 7 Every now and then in different corners of the Earth find patches of soil dotted with fragments of very ancient glass Does it mean it is that thousands of years ago the earth witnessed nuclear wars or at least that someone regularly conducted nuclear tests Another riddle that can be put on a par with secret glass of the Libyan desert – glazed forts of Scotland One of the most striking examples is the Tap O’Not Fortress. massive structure located on the crest of the mountain at an altitude of 560 meters At first glance it seems that the walls of the fort consist of heaps of stones, however upon closer examination with amazed to notice that they were shot down not from solid boulders, but from molten rock Where once were isolated stones, now solidified homogeneous mass blackens None of existing explanations for the phenomenon of glazed forts is not undeniable According to one version, builders specifically set fire to fortresses in order to turn stone into glass, wanting to give structural strength This version is interesting, but doubtful Firstly, the fire, apparently, not only did not strengthen the walls, but destroyed them in some places Secondly, in the laboratory it was calculated that the process of glazing the stones that make up the forts begins at a temperature of 1100 ° С ‘Such a temperature is practically impossible but to create by setting fire to logs and fallen trees Another assumption is that that fortresses were not set on fire by builders, but by conquerors But why was the conquerors make titanic efforts to not just burn or ruin a fortress, and turn it into glass One explanation they had an unknown type of weapon that could melt stone Written traditions brought us information about the substance, called the “Greek fire” that existed in antiquity This the substance was an antique semblance of a napalm bomb Discharged with a catapult, she had such a strong combustibility that it was impossible to extinguish it Some types “Greek fire” could burn even under water, due to which their used in naval battles The secret of making “Greek fire” failed to unravel There is an opinion that this “inheritance” aliens Supporters of the theory of the intervention of ancient astronauts in human history believe that the walls of the Scottish forts aliens turned into glass And this is the most acceptable version Otherwise, glazed forts indicate that in Scotland, England and Wales in prehistoric times, about 1000 years before our era, inhabited by a highly developed civilization that erected huge structures and fought with another powerful power using nuclear or other mysterious weapons of tremendous destructive power terrestrial civilization would most likely leave far more material evidence of its existence in 1922 Indian archaeologist R Banardzhi discovered on one of the islands of the river Indus ancient ruins They were called Mo-hejo-Daro, which is translated means “Hill of the Dead” Already then questions arose about how it was destroyed this big city where its inhabitants disappeared Among the ruins scattered fused pieces of clay and other minerals that are in their time quickly hardened into glass Analysis samples conducted at the University of Rome and in the laboratory National Research Council of Italy, showed reflow occurred at a temperature of 1400-1500 degrees This temperature in those times could have been obtained in the furnace of a metallurgical workshop, but not at all in the vast open territory of Mohenjo-Daro, except In addition, there are traces of a special kind. If you carefully examine destroyed buildings, it seems that a clear the region is the epicenter in which all buildings are swept away by some sort of flurry From the center to the periphery, the destruction gradually decreases. Best preserved outskirts of the Word, the picture resembles consequences of atomic explosions in Hiroshima and Nagasaki Is it conceivable suggest that the earthly conquerors of the Indus Valley owned atomic energy This assumption seems incredible and categorically contradicts the ideas of modern historical science However, in the Indian epic “Mahabharata” it is said about a certain “explosion” that caused “blinding light, fire without smoke”, while “the water began to boil, and the fish became charred” According to the Mahabharata, in the past, fantastic battles thundered on Earth, in which used aircraft, chemical and, presumably atomic weapons It’s possible in this way long before our era, aliens from the stars pacified and punished rebellious cities and even peoples And ancient glassy formations, scattered around the planet, remain silent witnesses for a long time faded battles.

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