Territory of Misconception: Giants. Genetic experiments. Ancient people and their secrets

A photo from open sources

It is believed that life on Earth originated by itself. Different chemical elements on our desert and lonely Earth under exposure to temperature, radiation, pressure – formed the most bizarre configurations, until the DNA model appeared, well, let alone then life. To check if this is really the case, American professor Steve Benner decided to create a model of life artificially. 20 years it took him to grow a real DNA However when succeeded, the scientist was waiting for a cruel disappointment. Model born life turned out to be dead. Why? As the distressed scientist himself says: if you take the molecules and breathe energy into them, you get a mixture like hot asphalt, which is more suitable for road cover than for the start of Darwin evolution. In other words: life alone cannot arise. Then world-famous biochemist who you will not suspect in fantasies and asked the question: who brings that first match, from which the flame of life ignites? Some believe that the unknown still the laws of the universe. Others, on the contrary, believe that life will bestow some higher mind. Still others argue that there is no contradiction in this is not, just life on our planet is not unique and it spreads in outer space, like an infection.

DNA Life

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