The 300-year-old statue of Christ in Mexico found human teeth

Human teeth found on 300-year-old Christ statue in MexicoA photo open source Statue of Jesus Christ held at one of the churches in Mexico, struck scientists who decided examine it with x-rays. The figure of the suffering Christ with bleeding wounds on the body look a little frightening. However still more researchers got scared when they discovered her human teeth. According to the BBC, specialists who have this monument of the 18th century is located in storage, found in the mouth of the statue eight teeth that belonged to an adult. IN the Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History is confirmed. “Most likely, the teeth were donated by someone as a sign gratitude, “said the restorer Fanny Unique. According to her, in in other parts of Mexico there were statues of saints in wigs from human hair. Some parishioners simply donated their hair for these needs just like others donated money or clothes. But the teeth and nails of the statues were usually made of bones and horns of animals. “This is the first time in sculpture found human teeth, “said the restorer. However, according to her According to him, there is nothing surprising in this. “This statue is made very naturalistic, so if its author could get it human teeth, no wonder he used them, “- explained the expert. On the x-ray, even the roots of the teeth are visible, so there is no doubt that they are real. Wherein they are perfectly preserved. It is possible that the teeth belonged the man who was considered a saint. This 300 year old is reported The statue is very popular in Mexico. However large part of the time she is in the church, and they carry her out only for a while Holy Week to, according to tradition, carry on urban the streets.

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