The alien was wearing a “bo” costume

The alien was dressed inA photo from open sources

The ancient legends of the Indians speak of a mysterious creature, which “once appeared in the Kayapos settlement.” The natives call his Bep Kororoti.

The alien was wearing a “bo” – a costume covering him from upside down heads. In his hands he held the “cop”, “weapon of thunder”. When is this creature entered the village, the inhabitants were terribly scared and hid. However there were daredevils who began to attack the stranger. But they don’t managed to inflict at least some harm on the “messenger of heaven”. batons and spears simply crumbled when in contact with the “bo.” Bep Kororoti turned out to be a “good god. To show his strength to people, he picked up a “cop – weapon of thunder”, sent it to a tree, and it turned to dust, sent it to a stone, and it crumbled. Bep Kororoti remained in the village and spent many years there.

He taught residents to count, showed how to heal wounds, improved hunting methods and brought many changes to life tribe. However, while hunting with everyone, he never “ate food Kayapos. ” After a while, the “messenger of heaven” married, choosing his wife a young girl from the tribe, and soon Bep Korotot appeared children. Traditions note that the new kayapos were “not like everyone else” and much smarter than other residents. Bep Kororoti make sure that the knowledge that he passed on to the tribe does not gone. To do this, he “gathered several young men and women and trained all kinds of wisdom. ”

Once “the messenger of heaven went to a high mountain to ascend to heaven. ” Almost the entire tribe went after him to spend your benefactor. Bep Kororoti ascended the mountain, where a cloud descended upon him, thunder rang out, lightning flashed ”, dust and smoke enveloped all those present. “In a burning cloud” and Bep disappeared Korototy in heaven above … Aborigines have not forgotten their “teacher.” The kayapos Indians preserved the custom according to which festivities in honor of “god Bep Kororoti” take place. Indians weave from palm leaves ritual clothes that symbolize the image deities, his costume is “bo.” Kayapos dress them and perform various ritual dances. In the hands of the dancers are palm sticks which denote the mysterious weapon “cop.” According to Researchers, the ritual clothes of the Indians are strikingly reminiscent of modern space suits.

Legends of the Brazilian Indians

Tupanimba Brazilian legends speak of the powerful god Monan, who created the universe and man. According to the traditions of this tribe, the god Monan lived in those distant times among the people who worshiped him. But then people became “live not according to the precepts of Monan” and neglect them. Irate Monan went to heaven “in a huge sparkling cloud of fire”, deciding from there to punish people for their sins and misconduct. He sent to earth “heavenly fire” that destroyed all people. Only one Man spared Monan. His name was Irin-Mage, and he was pardoned for “great veneration” of the deity. After the fire ceased to rage, took Irin-Mage as his wife one of the daughters of Monan and came down to earth to continue the human race.

A small tribe living on the banks of the Hingu River (tributary Amazons), in its legends reports amazing information about human history. According to their traditions, in ancient times they lived people “on a distant star.” Once all the inhabitants of the star gathered on advice to choose a new residence. One of the “Indians” told his brothers about an unusually beautiful planet on which he once managed to visit, passing through a “hole” in the sky. After his message, the council decided to move to Earth. All the population of the star began to weave a cotton thread along which they should have been slowly descending to Earth. Soon, most “Indians” moved to the “beautiful planet”. New inhabitants of the Earth thanks to this mysterious thread they were constantly in contact with their brothers who remained on the star. But the evil demon cut this thread, and the “Indians” could never again meet with their “star relatives”.

Tales of African tribes.

Tales of thousands of people on the African continent kilometers from America also tell us about events surprisingly reminiscent of the tales of the Brazilian Indians. IN African mythology says that in ancient times, “children of God lived with his father in heaven in peace, wealth and happiness. ” But once God decided to test his children and sent them to Earth, forbidding “to eat the salt of the earth.” Descended the “children of God” from heaven by the thread that father wove for them. But almost all the sons forgot father’s covenant and tasted the “salt.” When did they decide to rise again to heaven, then the thread was torn, and they were forced forever stay on earth. Only one of the “sons” fulfilled the father’s covenant and safely returned to heaven.

Tibetan texts

In the ancient Tibetan texts “Kanshur” and “Tandshur”, stored in the dungeons of Buddhist monasteries, it’s about flying cars, like pearls in the sky, and about transparent balls in which “yugas occasionally shown to people. ” Oldest written source in which contains descriptions of UFO sightings, considered papyrus, discovered in the collection of professor A. Tulli, director of the Egyptian Department of the Vatican Museum, which was written in the XV century. BC in the period of the reign of Pharaoh Thutmose III.

The papyrus says: “In the year twenty-second in the third the month of winter at 6 o’clock in the afternoon, scribes of the House of Life saw in the sky moving circle of fire … Its dimensions were elbow in length and elbow wide … They prostrated and reported to Pharaoh, and he thought about it event … After a few days, these objects in the sky became numerous and shone brighter than the Sun … And Pharaoh, along with the army looked at them. By evening, the circles of fire rose higher and moved to side of the south … Volatile matter fell from the sky … This did not happen from the very foundation of the earth … And Pharaoh burnt incense to the gods and commanded to bring what happened into the annals of the House of Life. ”

UFOs helped Alexander the Great

Repeatedly mentioning unknown flights through the sky disc-shaped objects are found in the chronicles of Alexander’s campaigns Macedonian.

The most interesting description is given in the “History of Alexander The Great, ”written by Giovanni Droisen. It refers to 332 g. BC, when there was a siege by the Macedonians of the Phoenician city Thira. One day over the camp of the Macedonians suddenly appeared five “flying shields” moving across the sky in a triangular system, moreover, the object moving in the head was about twice as large the rest. In front of thousands of amazed warriors, these “shields” are slowly made several circles over Tire, after which they sparkled lightnings forming breaks in the walls. Overjoyed Macedonians rushed to the assault, and the “flying shields” continued to circle over city ​​until it was completely captured. Then they with big speed climbed up and disappeared.

UFO in Ancient Greece

Flights of some unknown objects were observed in Ancient Greece. So, the Greek philosopher Anaxagoras, who lived in the V century. BC., saw an object in the sky the size of a large “log” hanging motionless for several days and radiating unusual glow.

Another Greek philosopher Seneca, who lived in the 1st century BC, in in his work “Questions of Naturalism” wrote: “In our era more than once beams of light that crossed the sky from east to west or vice versa … belong to this class objects described by Posidonius: pillars and shields enveloped in flame, and also other luminous objects … These lights do not appear in the sky only at night, but also during the day, and are neither stars nor parts heavenly bodies … “.

One of the characteristic descriptions is placed in Greek history. Plutarch. It is recorded that in 102 BC in the sky above the Italian cities of Ameri and Tourent appeared huge darts and glowing “shields” that first moved separately, and then connected together. At the same time, some objects overtook each other, although there was no noticeable confrontation between them. Among the moving bodies were objects of cigar-shaped and disc-shaped.

The second case, described by Plutarch, occurred in 73 BC. near the Dardanelles, where the troops of the Roman commander Lucullus and the Bosporus king Mithridates prepared to join the battle: “… How suddenly, all of a sudden the sky opened and a large barrel-like fiery body rushing down into the gap between both armies. Frightened by this sign, opponents parted without a fight. ”

Description of UFOs by Roman historians

Especially a lot of messages about mysterious flying objects round shape is contained in the writings of Roman historians and writers: Julius Obsequens – 63, Titus Livius – 30, Cicero – 9, Pliny The eldest is 26, and Dio Cassius has 14.

Aristotle called them heavenly disks, and Pliny in the second volume his “Natural History” gave the following classification then observed luminous objects: “discoids” – shaped amber discs with a small amount of outgoing from them rays; “drinkers” – barrel-shaped or round; “serati” – shaped horns; “lamps” – in the form of a burning torch. Roman authors usually compared these objects with such descriptions famous concepts like the sun, moon, round shields, logs and etc.

In general, an analysis of 50 works of Roman authors shows that in them describes the appearance of lights in the sky – 39 times, flying “shields” – 11, fireballs – 8, two or more suns – 12, night “sun” – 5 and unknown objects – 7 times.

UFO mentions in ancient Christian sources

Ancient Christian sources also contain descriptions flights of some unknown objects reminiscent of modern UFO. Thus, chapter 5 of the book of the prophet Zechariah describes the “flying barrel, ”and elsewhere in this book it is reported that Zechariah saw in the sky an object of a cylindrical shape, about which the angel said Zechariah that is a “curse that will forever hang over Earth. ”

The book of the prophet Daniel says that he saw in heaven “fire wheels”.

The famous “Qumran Scrolls” tells how Eve saw a chariot of fire that four carried through the clouds sparkling eagles, and Adam, near whom this one landed the aircraft, clearly saw how it made its way between the wheels smoke.

Very rare reports of observations by unknowns have been preserved. flying objects in the first centuries of our era. Here is one of them: “In 235 in China over the location of the troops of the commander Liang about Wei Nana a fiery red “meteor” appeared, moving with northeast to southwest and emitting dagger rays. Three times he landed in front of and behind the Liang forces, moving forward and backward. ”

Traditions of the North American Indians

It is also interesting that in the traditions of the North American Indians, according to the candidate of historical sciences V. Bilinbakhov, also observations were made in antiquity of flights of some round objects. So, in the legends of the Wyoming Indians, it was said that many moons ago a large “wheel” sailed from the sky and landed to the top of the Shaman mountain, and then flew away at a frightened speed birds. And in the legends of the Indians of Minnesota and Canada it was said that “long before the Europeans arrived there flew silent round chariots that could land on the sea. ”

Pharaohs Life

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