The ancestors of the Chinese were aliens

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Amazing parallels can be observed between Chinese religious and mythological beliefs and what is written in their ancient books. Some scholars suggest that their knowledge the Chinese inherited from an unearthly civilization. The Chinese have the belief that the Celestial Empire was founded by their ancestors, having descended from The moon. Ancient Chinese authors praised “sui blue” – luminous balls, considering that in these mysterious objects are colossal omnipotent entities. At Cicero in “De Divinatione” there is also a description of strange spherical objects in the sky above Rome. These verbal pictures are supported by mysterious finds on Tuntin Lake Island. There are carved images on granite humanoid creatures flying through the sky on cylindrical cars. According to Peking University professor Peng Lao, this finds about 45 thousand years. Fantastic discovery! Means there depicts contemporaries of Lemuria and Atlantis. And apparently, they visited China. The Chi manuscript says that China on for 18 thousand years, the race of the Divine Kings ruled. And in the book Huainan Tszyu details the idyllic age and Eden a garden where soul and body were in cosmic understanding. People lived in a comfortable climate and prospered. Perfumes often descended on Earth and taught people divine wisdom. But then because of lust and perversions, people degraded and fell out of favor with spirits. Then the world was filled with chaos and fear. In the ancient Chinese book “Shanghai chin “is a description of some Miao – winged human beings. They lost the ability to fly in 2400 BC. e. when quarreled with the “High Lord”. The King Shu book says: “Lord Changti, seeing that his people have lost the last remnants virtues, ordered Chan and Lhai to break all ties between heaven and ground. Therefore, since that time there have been no ascensions or descents. “In 213, the obsessed megalomaniac Emperor Jae Huangti, ordered to erect the Great Wall of China and destroy everything ancient Chinese records. Little has survived, so the Chinese have vague notions that a century of witchcraft followed century of the legendary Superman. Then came the era of war and cataclysms. Gradually, the world again came to civilization, but to a more lower than the magical culture of the past. In many chinese legends speak of the island of Maligasama. Perhaps this is disappeared Atlantis. Descendants of the surviving king Peyreum settled in China and laid the foundation for the rule of divine dynasties. IN Scientists have discovered such caves in Zhouhoudian caves near Beijing the amazing variety and number of bones of people and animals, what became obvious – they were all brought in from afar by the waters powerful flood. Immanuel Velikovsky put forward convincing evidence that the reign of Emperor Yao, around 1500 BC e., the sun did not set for ten days and a giant wave, “reaching heaven,” fell upon the land of China, the whole country turned out to be flooded. Velikovsky’s research proves that a certain comet touched the Earth and shifted its axis. Because of this, the parties got confused light, the movement of the moon, the sun and the zodiac constellations has changed. I had to make a new calendar. Russian archaeologists discovered near Gorno-Altaisk the tools of the most ancient inhabitants, which were made more than 150-200 thousand years ago. At the same the Amur riverbank period was inhabited by tribes that knew how to make iron tools, pottery, patterned vessels and vases, all of these finds led scientists to conclude that Asia has developed for a long time outside the mainstream of human evolution and its culture. Russian expeditions in the Tien Shan mountains found mines and adits related to the period of the Late Paleolithic. That is, ore mining was carried out here for 15 thousand years BC e. These ancient people probably spread their culture to neighboring China. The contents of ancient Chinese tombs is amazing. For example, in the grave of commander Cao Zhou, buried in 316 BC e., items from 85 percent were found aluminum, the production of which is very complicated even in modern the world. The book “Chinese vaults” speaks of a century of virtue, about a garden with a tree of golden apples of immortality guarded by a winged the Dragon. About the fall of man, about primary Chaos, about fasting and prayers, for heaven and hell, for a single universal mind manifesting itself when the Earth was controlled by the people of space and when it was punished cataclysms. That is, the Chinese had the same beliefs as the peoples of the Middle East, Europe and America. And that means that in ancient times, China was not isolated from the West, but flourished along with other countries. Only as a result of disasters destroying civilization, China was almost cut off from Of Europe. In the legend of “Feninen,” the history of conflicts between the latter tyrants from the Shang clan and the Zhou dynasty, gods and mere mortals owned magical weapons. Much more modern than current weapons. For example, heroes could release silver flying dragons that instantly destroyed enemies. I.e, wars were fought with incredible weapons that could be made only on the basis of technology people in space. This and the blinding light rays, and poisonous gases, and burning balls, and bacterial facilities. They even had radar detection systems, able to see and hear hundreds of kilometers away. A Commander-in-Chief Chiang Zuya got into an air chariot and went to the mountain of the gods Kunlun in the center of the earth. It’s hard just dream up. Most likely, the Chinese inherited their knowledge from some powerful civilization with extensive experience in the field science and magic. The Chinese have chosen the Dragon as a symbol of their civilization. According to them, the Sky Dragon was the ancestor of the first dynasty divine emperors. Mystical dragon horse, according to popular belief, rose from the Yellow River. And appeared to the legendary Fu Shi, the first to the emperor of China, carrying on his back a scheme with occult symbols, from which developed Chinese writing. In ancient Chinese books describe flying fire dragons – spaceships. They sweep across the sky, plunge into the sea or dry out the fields, kidnap people or bring divine aliens to Earth. Some UFOs do the same thing these days.

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