The ancient dice showed that rogues have always been

An ancient dice demonstrated that there were always crooksA photo from open sources

According to Live Science, in the city of Bergen, Norway was a wooden dice was discovered (for gambling dice), which, as experts have determined, is more than 600 years old.

At first, archaeologists were not particularly happy with this find (or rather will say did not show much interest in her), since found dice before, which only confirmed already known: similar gambling was popular with deep antiquities.

True, in Bergen itself, gambling using such cubes have been banned since 1267, when officially released a decree on this, recorded in historical chronicles, however, judging according to today’s find, this did not stop fans of sharp sensations. Moreover, archaeologists found the cube in the quarter Wagsbannen, which in the Middle Ages was famous for its numerous drinking establishments, where all kinds of games were practiced in the bone.

A photo from open sources

Ultimately, however, the information not described above attracted attention of archaeologists, but the fact that the cube was not quite ordinary: on there were two sides with five, and two sides with four points, and here are sides with two and one point – not found. Concerning scientists made the assumption that this strange cube was used for deception, that is, crooks existed in the Middle Ages. And why would not? It’s strange that they haven’t transferred so far, indirectly proving to us that centuries and even perhaps millennia pass, and the essence of man practically does not change …

Of course, experts say, it can be assumed that a cube with such markings was used in some special game in a bone that has not reached our days. But most likely true the first thing that comes to mind is a cube of great dodgers who and today they have on hand either five aces, or such amazing bones. Technology changes over time, improves people’s lives, the world as a whole is being transformed, becoming like a fairy tale, but a man by nature remains the same. Can, therefore, humanity does not direct all its main achievements to good, that is, not for creation, but for destruction …

A unique wooden cube that does not seem to represent no great value, very interested not only scientists, but and collectors who felt that this exhibit had no place in museum, and in a personal archive of amazing artifacts …

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