The ancient “flying ship” unknown to us civilizations

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We often recall amazing artifacts of a mysterious past, let’s say the London Hammer, which is over 100 million years old, stone print of sandals (almost modern shoes) 500 million years old, African towns nuclear reactor Oklo, working about 2 billion years ago, and so on. But there are much less well-known and less “loud” mysterious finds of the past, which are not even properly dated or explored, since they are in private collections of lovers of antiquity.

Among them is a unique figurine of its kind, which archaeologists conventionally called “Lady of the battlements in a mysterious environment “(see photo). This artifact is completely known a little: it was found somewhere in the Indus Valley – between Pakistan and India. When and by whom was this mysterious stone “boat” discovered passengers, “is still unknown.

This figurine surfaced in 2009 when a private collector invited the famous Italian archaeologist Massimo Vidale inspect and evaluate this artifact. The scientist conducted the appropriate analysis (including testing using thermoluminescence) and determined that the product in the form of some kind of strange transport means with no less strange people made on it approximately in 2700 BC.

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Vidale himself tries to correlate the images “fantastic boat” and people on it with the already famous world finds of this kind, say, Pakistani (figurines Nausharo), which archaeologists usually do in order to enter again discovered in the general history of mankind. Otherwise, find how say researchers of antiquities, just “hang in the air” and will at best gather dust in museum reserves or private collections, but will never become the property of the world archeology.

Despite the best efforts of the Italian archaeologist, “Lady Cog throne “did not go further than a private collection. Further surprising artifact (more from the pictures) is analyzed many times independent researchers who put forward a variety of assumptions about this.

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Theory of an Alien Flying Ship

The theory that is most interesting from our point of view speaks of that some ancient civilization captured in this figurine aircraft. Moreover, people sitting in it, clearly with their arms outstretched skulls that were found in ancient Egypt, and in others burials of the world, including in Russia. Despite some, quite logical explanations of scientists that people in antiquity artificially deformed their skulls, thereby emphasizing their belonging to the ruling elite, it remains unclear who they are with copied such elongated skulls and why they were taken as a sample perfection.

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Independent researchers claim that in antiquity there was a certain higher race (perhaps aliens or immigrants from Atlantis), which demonstrated such a structure of the head. Moreover, these higher personalities possessed not only amazing appearance, the main thing – huge knowledge and opportunities: fly on their celestial vehicles (vimanas), build pyramids, spew lightning and much more.

A photo from open sources

It is possible that the artifact described here in the form of some strange vehicle actually portrays the aircraft of this higher race and the aliens themselves on it. Hence the elongated skulls of passengers, and strange eye sockets, and something like a beak instead of a mouth and a nose (everything else is speculation sculptor).

All these are just assumptions (see a little more about this video below), but even they show us the main thing – our story full of secrets and mysteries that remain closed to us, not despite any attempts by scientists and independent researchers. Perhaps they will remain unsolved forever, perhaps only until that pores until mankind reveals the secrets of time and learns look into the deep past not only through archaeological sites and architectural ruins …

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