The ancient inhabitants of Siberia were able to do operations on the brain

The ancient inhabitants of Siberia knew how to do brain surgeryA photo from open sources

After a thorough study found in 2012. human skulls with traces of trepanation, Russian archaeologists made conclusion: peoples living in the territory of today’s Siberia about 3 thousand years ago, carried out quite complex operations on the human brain.

Famous Russian scientist neurosurgeon A. Krivoshapkin says that already in the era of Hippocrates the people who inhabited Altai are good versed in anatomy, and thanks to this, complex operations, including such as craniotomy.

According to experts, previously found skulls belong to one a woman, as well as two men. Apparently, one of them was successfully performed at one time a brain operation, after which the man lived for a long time. This is evidenced by the overgrown bone tissue at the site of surgery.

It was also possible to determine how ancient surgeons performed such complex operations. First scraped (freed from hair and skin) the upper part of the skull, then done a small hole that allows access to the brain. Alexei Krivoshapkin also decided to perform an operation with a similar method using a copy of an ancient surgical knife found. At his operation took 28 minutes.


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