The ancient kangaroos did not jump, but moved like human

The ancient kangaroos did not jump, but moved like a manA photo from open sources

The extinct kangaroos that inhabited Australia could not jump. These two-meter giants resembling rabbits, moved like a man. Known as Giant short-haired kangaroos, they roamed the expanses of modern Australia 12.5 million years ago. The species disappeared 30 thousand years ago. The exact cause of their extinction is unknown, but there is speculation that giant kangaroos became extinct due to the fact that the climate has become more dry.

A photo from open sources

According to researchers from Brown University, “gait” the disappeared kangaroo resembled a human: during the movement they rested on the ground with one foot. Scientists came to such conclusions, having studied the bones of extinct and existing kangaroos. Specialists revealed that giant kangaroos had a ledge at the base of the tibia bones like horses and humans. He does not allow a foot go away under body pressure. Also giant kangaroos had a wider basin leaving more space for attaching gluteal muscles compared to modern Kangaroo, which allowed walking as primates. Also giant kangaroos had a less mobile spine and had a small tail.

Australia Kangaroo

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