The ancient mechanism turned out to be astrological computer

The ancient mechanism turned out to be an astrological computerA photo from open sources

Antikythera mechanism is an antique device, lifted in 1901 from a sunken Roman ship near Greek island of Antikythera. The amazing device was made in 200-100 BC. It is estimated that he contained about thirty-seven bronze gears placed in a wooden case, outside of which were three dials with arrows.

The device allowed the ancient Romans to calculate the movement heavenly bodies, recognizing in this way the dates of forty-two astronomical events. Scientists have determined that Antikythera the mechanism was executed on the thirty-fifth parallel on the island Rhodes It is possible that the author of the invention is a well-known Greek mathematician and astronomer Hipparchus of Nicaea. Specialists True, they still cannot say why and where the device was decided transport by ship on the Aegean Sea, to the bottom of which it is together with the ship and gone.

A photo from open sources

British american scientist Derek John de Sulla Price spent in 1959 x-ray scanning mechanism, and in 1971 presented a copy of the antique device in a glass case, containing thirty two gears. The researcher determined that one of the dials indicated the signs of the zodiac and the days of the year, and two the rest served to simulate the motion of the moon and the sun in celestial sphere. In 1997, Londoner Michael Wright implemented a new X-ray tomography of the Antikythera mechanism and created own, metal copy of the device. He managed to find out that with the help of the device the Romans also simulated the movement of Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury.

In other words, the Antikythera mechanism can be considered primitive. a computer that tracked and displayed the movement of various celestial bodies.

New ideas about the unique antique mechanism

Recently, the staff of Cardiff University did another An interesting discovery regarding the device. Specialists deciphered tiny inscriptions engraved on surviving fragments of the device, and realized that the Antikythera mechanism used to predict the future!

A photo from open sources

Ancient Romans predicted their future, foreseeing the movement of celestial bodies and focusing on the color of the upcoming solar eclipses. Thus, it is not only one of the oldest astronomical devices, but also probably about the oldest astrological instrument. It’s no secret that residents ancient civilization, like many modern inhabitants of the Earth, believed that celestial bodies wag on our world and human life, when you can look into the future if you understand exactly how the planets move around the sky.

The British report that they are very inspired by this discovery and plan to continue studying the ancient “astrological computer. ”

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