The ancients had access to the tunnels of time

The ancients had access to the tunnels of timeA photo from open sources According to Australian parapsychologist Jean Grimbriara, on Earth there are at least 40 tunnels leading to others of the world. Every year, many people disappear into them. Not excluded that there are more tunnels – simply, no one even knew about their location guesses.

Historians are sure that ancient earthly civilizations knew about tunnels – “stargates”, and also knew how to use them.

Currently, only the ability to switch to parallel worlds and gaining access to the highest level of technology there, can be explained perfectly oriented in space megalithic structures, the presence of ancient calendars in manuscripts amazing accuracy, spare parts from unknown devices, which are found in the layers related to the preglacial period and much more.

The reasons for the catastrophes that destroyed the ancients are still unknown. civilizations that had access to the tunnels of time. Since then have been lost knowledge of the paths to the “stargate”.

But the fact that we do not know how to use the technology of the “gate” at all does not mean that the inhabitants of other worlds also “forgot” about them.

In May 2011, a resident of the American city of Fort Worth (state Texas) was able to film a unique phenomenon – in the sky powerful flashes of light appeared. After they stopped, don’t no damage was recorded, only a few transformers failed. According to State Weather Services Texas about 210 similar outbreaks were recorded on the same day and in Tarrant County between 8 and 9 pm.

Subsequently, it turned out that the same phenomenon and at the same time happened in Portugal.

In 2000, Somali people began to ramp up in the Gulf of Aden pirates. At the same time, according to information leaked to media, a huge gulf appeared in the Gulf of Aden funnel with gigantic energy as well as strange properties that cannot be explained by known knowledge of physics.

A reasonable view is that the international military forces (Russia, China, USA, etc.) aimed at curbing pirates, do not destroy these sea robbers (huge aircraft carriers against small boats), and by researching this an interesting and mysterious phenomenon. The main purpose of the study funnels – find out where it came from, where it leads and what threat can carry earthlings?

On a deep December night in 2009, many residents of Norway became witnesses of a mysterious phenomenon – unfolded in the sky a huge luminous spiral that gradually took shape black funnel covering the whole sky. In fifteen minutes the funnel has disappeared. Phones of the Norwegian Meteorological Center exploded in calls of frightened residents of the country. After some time the descendants of the fearless Vikings came to the conclusion that satisfied all the curious – they decided that the Russians experienced another ballistic missile and failed. Russian the side did not confirm these assumptions, but for the Norwegians it was no longer important.

There is evidence that the same spiral appeared in the sky Australia a year after the Norwegian light show.

The following fact is interesting – a month after the appearance Norwegian funnel, Aden took a spiral shape similar to that which appeared in the sky of a northern country.

There is no doubt curious whether there is any connection between these phenomena in different regions of the Earth? Many would like to know – what it actually happens in the Gulf of Aden. A large number of conjectures and assumptions do not fit, so far, into any scheme. The conclusions are based on existing facts, which are not enough for developing informed opinions.

These facts: December 2009 – under the pretext of combating Al Qaeda, USA begins military operation in Yemen (state near the Gulf of Aden). For the world community launched information on the existing global threat from actions terrorists.

January 2010 – an earthquake occurred, the power of which was 6.5 on the Richter scale. But a strange situation – none of the inhabitants of the settlements near which happened earthquake, did not feel any tremors.

Since 2003, the actions of pirates in Aden have intensified significantly the Gulf: hostages are taken, huge ransom amounts are extorted for a ship with cargo and people.

Since 2009, under the pretext of combating piracy, begins international military operation. In the bay are constantly warships of many states of the world: Germany, USA, China, Russia, Great Britain, etc.

It became clear to everyone that in the Gulf of Aden there is a magnetic anomaly of unknown origin. And any unknown causes a lot of speculation.

It is believed that under the water of the gulf are “stargate” or space portal used by extraterrestrial civilizations for penetration to Earth. And in this case, the following situations: aliens come in peace, try to protect humankind mistakes that can lead to its destruction. There is a big doubt that the military power of earthlings will succeed stop the intervention of extraterrestrial intelligence in the affairs of earthlings.

The second option – the aliens are hostile to terrestrial civilization. And in in this case, it is unlikely that the military power of earthlings will be able to provide them with a decent resistance.

In the meantime, an invented scenario with “Somali pirates” comes to life in the Gulf of Aden. Number of ships passing through the bay, decreased significantly. A military operation carried out in the gulf, most likely, has a goal – control over space portal. Currently the truth about real events, occurring in the Gulf of Aden, no one will tell.

But not only giant whirlpools and “light shows” cause close attention of scientists and military of all countries. Lately in different countries mysterious sounds are heard that are so strong that drown out even the car alarm. These sounds are like powerful beeps and recorded in Canada and Europe. And in Germany even managed to record the sound of these “heavenly trumpets”. Experts expressed suggestions that these sounds are caused by electromagnetic noise from radiation belts and polar aurora borealis are either the consequences of telephone transmissions, or echoes of the underground earthquakes: but that doesn’t sound convincing.

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