The asteroid that killed the dinosaurs did not touch life in freshwater bodies?

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Scientists now have fresh evidence that the strike the asteroid that led to the end of the dinosaur era occurred near the current city of Chicalaba, which is located in Mexico. This space strike of a ten-kilometer asteroid killed of many living things on land and at sea, but scientists have found that living organisms that are in a collision in fresh water, managed to avoid this fate. According to a new study, described in detail in the journal Geophysical Research-Biogeosciences, as scientists suggest, freshwater residents escaped extinction, because they were better suited to rapid changes in environment. Having carefully studied this global extinction, what happened over 65 million years ago, experts came to conclude that at least 75 died as a result of the disaster percent of all species living on Earth at that time, in including dinosaurs. Previous studies have suggested that while marine life was almost completely destroyed as a result of mass extinction, freshwater organisms went through relatively low extinction rates species. Scientists are inclined to believe that the secret of their survival is remarkable adaptability to external changes. Water could save the lives of many species of living things in rivers and lakes, as well as in seas and oceans, protecting them from heat stroke. However as a result collisions with an asteroid the Earth’s surface was engulfed in fire, and dust and ash darkened the sky, which was the reason for the sharp cooling the planet. Lack of heat and sunlight has become the main reason for the extinction of species, because it violated the food chain due to the death of phytoplankton – microscopic photosynthetic organisms that produce oxygen. But, interestingly, while marine inhabitants underwent mass extinction, freshwater inhabitants practically did not suffer. It turns out freshwater organisms in Unlike marine life, accustomed to annual freezing water, which severely limits their oxygen supply. Therefore they better survived a sharp decrease in oxygen levels as a result of death phytoplankton. In addition, many freshwater organisms are capable of for a long time to be in hibernation, which allowed them to practically without prejudice to wait for the return of comfortable living conditions.

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