The British found a tooth on the beach of Cromer ancient mammoth

The British found on the beach of the city of Cromer the tooth of an ancient mammothA photo from open sources

Briton Brad Dams recently walked along the beach of Cromer County Norfolk, when suddenly his attention was attracted by a strange flat stone lying on the edge with water. Basically, an ordinary person, maybe I wouldn’t pay any attention to this stone fragment, but Brad was an amateur paleontologist, and therefore immediately realized that this quite a valuable find.

A photo from open sources

His suggestion that the “stone” might be the mammoth’s tooth will soon confirmed by experts to whom the Briton turned. Laboratory analysis showed that the tooth found really belongs mammoth, and its southern appearance. These giants are considered the most ancient mammoths on earth. Unlike woolly mammoths, which are usually depicted in Russian history textbooks, southern was bald, like today’s elephants. However, it is considered the largest Earth animals, second only to certain types of dinosaurs.

A photo from open sources

The southern mammoth lived about 3-2 million years ago. Height he was up to four meters, and weighing two to three times heavier than himself huge modern african elephant.

A photo from open sources

In the video below you can see the plywood reconstruction of such four-meter southern mammoth, which in 2014 performed Misty Albion Aircraft Engineer Jeremy Moore. “The oldest elephant “walked along the beach of West Ranton in Norfolk, though with the help of four people who supported and brought in Move this amazing plywood construction. To the construction replica mammoth Jeremy Moore spent three months.


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