The Chinese discovered America before birth Of Christ

The Chinese discovered America before the birth of ChristPhoto from open sources

Ancient Chinese Inscriptions Found in the United States language dating back to around 1300 BC. From this quite it can be assumed that America was discovered by the Chinese about twenty-eight centuries before he did his The famous discovery of Christopher Columbus.

Specialists discovered this Chinese letter in the territory Petroglyph – a national monument west of Albuquerque in the state New Mexico. The monument stretches twenty-seven kilometers along a basaltic volcanic formation called Western Mesa. The area of ​​the monument is about thirty square kilometers, on its territory you can find several hundred archaeological artifacts and over twenty five thousand images.

Ancient Chinese inscriptions found in one of stones were attributed by scientists to the era of the Shang Dynasty, which ruled in an Asian country in the seventeenth to eleventh centuries before ad. Thus, we can conclude that the citizens of the Middle Kingdom managed to get to the North American mainland in two thousand eight hundred years before the Spanish navigator Christopher Columbus.

Some notes best preserved, experts decrypted. The shape of the drawings and the content of the inscriptions give reason assume that the image data is genuine. Voluminous scientific article, authored by John Raskamp, ​​who found Chinese inscriptions, currently undergoing peer review.


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