The construction of the Crimean energy bridge found traces ancient Slavic civilization

During the construction of the Crimean energy bridge found traces of the ancient Slavic civilizationA photo from open sources

Under the energy bridge, which is currently being built between mainland Russia and the Republic of Crimea, builders came across object of an unknown ancient civilization. In connection with this find It was decided to temporarily suspend the construction of the bridge. Not far from the village of Ilyich in the west of the Krasnodar Territory at a depth about six meters was discovered fresh collection complex water.

Representatives of the East Bosporus Archaeological Expedition, organized by the Russian Academy of Sciences, are convinced that found the object is the oldest of its kind throughout our territory countries. Experts suggest that the old building may serve as evidence that our distant ancestors who lived on Kuban, mastered the art of building hydraulic structures long before the inhabitants of ancient Greece, considered pioneers in this area.

According to preliminary estimates, the catchment complex belongs to eighth to seventh centuries BC. According to domestic scientists, it is likely that the object was built pre-Greek Slavic settlement, while Russian experts have yet to determine what civilization does it belong to.

The complex cleared by archaeologists is located in a beautiful condition. After millennia, it was filled with pure drinking water, as before. Specialists took samples from the reservoir and sent them to the Petersburg Institute of Material Culture for laboratory analysis.

A photo from open sources

The ancient catchment complex is represented by several stone reservoirs communicating with each other. Representatives of the mysterious Slavic civilization used special two-meter stones, where due to the unique local climate a lot of condensation formed. Water drained into the main tank where it accumulated and defended. Then special narrow slots allowed her to enter bound reservoirs. Thus, entrepreneurial locals always had sufficient supplies clean drinking water that is naturally filtered through stone. Scientists believe that this reservoir supplied life-giving moisture whole large settlement.

Fortunately, excavations will not delay the construction of the energy bridge, so necessary to the Russian peninsula. After archaeologists finish their studies, builders will begin to work on enhanced schedule. Found reservoir will have to become the foundation of the future bridge, however, by that time, scientists as thoroughly they will investigate the find and get all the information they need.

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