The craziest rulers in history

History is known to repeat itself. And in power with an enviable people “out of their mind” turn out to be regularity. We present to you The 25 most insane rulers in history – from King George to Caligula. The Craziest Rulers in HistoryPhotos from open sources

Emperor Justin II

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Byzantine Emperor Justin (reigned from 565 to 576) began to descend crazy at the end of his reign. He had to be carried around the palace in wheelchair, while he rushed to the servants and, by rumored to have even eaten several of them.

24 Ibrahim, ruler of the Ottoman Empire

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It’s known that the Ottoman sultan was obsessed with corpulent ladies, and ordered to search for the largest, which only could to find. He ordered 280 of his concubines to be drowned in the ocean when found out that they slept with other men. He also had wont feed coins to fish in a pond near the palace.

23 Charles VI the Mad, King of France

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Before losing his mind, he was known as Karl Beloved, and only later became Karl Mad. Somehow Karl executed their knights only because one of them dropped the spear. The king also refused to bathe for a long time. considered himself made of glass.

21 Eric XIV Swedish

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Known for his paranoia, he could execute people only because those laughed in his presence. For a while he considered himself own brother. In the end, he was poisoned.

20 Princess Alexandra Amalia of Bavaria

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For some reason, she was convinced that in childhood she swallowed a glass the piano. She also had an obsession with cleanliness, and she wore only white.

19 Ferdinand I, Emperor of Austria

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The emperor conceived as a result of incest was suffering from epilepsy, encephalitis, and spoke little. They say that his favorite words were “I am Emperor and I want pudding!”

18 Zhu Houzhao (Zhengde), Chinese Emperor

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The early 16th century Chinese emperor is known for arranged fun games in the garden, in which he forced to participate all the courtiers.

17 Farouk I, King of Egypt

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The last reigning king of Egypt Farouk began to be called “belly with the head ”, when his weight exceeded 136 kg. However that was really strange is his kleptomania. Once he even stole a watch from Winston Churchill. But most of all he “became famous” by the fact that he once shot all the lions in the zoo because of his nightmares.

16 Frederick William I, King of Prussia

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Famous for his attachment to the military, Frederick was obsessed the idea of ​​creating the largest military formation in history. By “largest” is meant a formation “consisting of extraordinarily tall people. ” There is evidence that he even forced tall men and women to get in touch to get tall offspring.

15 Qin Shihuang Di, Chinese Emperor

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This ruler was so afraid of the assassination that he never slept in one and in the same place twice. And he was afraid not only of people, but, judging by giant sea monsters.

14 Juan I, Queen of Spain

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Queen Juan, also known as Juan the Mad, very afraid of her husband’s infidelity So much so that even after his death, not allowed no woman, including nuns, to approach his to the corpse.

13 Ludwig II of Bavaria

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He was extremely shy and did not show much interest in government management. Instead, he preferred to build fairytale castles.

12 Ivan IV

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Known as Ivan the Terrible, at an early age he experienced a difficult shock at the loss of their parents and humiliation from authorities. At the age of 14, the tsar came to power in Russia, after which fed Radu a pack of dogs. He did not stop there, and continued to kill and torture many others.

11 Maria Eleanor of Brandenburg

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The Queen so desperately wanted her son that she went crazy when, finally gave birth to a daughter. And although the king was happy with the birth of his daughter, Maria tried to kill her many times. My daughter miraculously managed to survive.

10 Fedor I Ioannovich, Russian Tsar

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Also known as Theodore Ringer. After the death of his two year old he began to wander his daughter throughout Russia, calling every a church bell that came in his way.

9 Mary I, Queen of Portugal

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After the death of her husband, son and daughter, Mary lost her mind. She she could scream until late at night and loved to wear baby clothes.

8 Otto I (King of Bavaria)

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This monarch was to succeed his worthless brother on the throne. Ludwig II, but turned out to be even worse, because he suffered from stuttering and broke everything, wherever he went. Recent theories claim that the rumors about the frenzy of the brothers were greatly exaggerated so that their it was easier to overthrow from the throne.

7 Christian VII, King of Denmark

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Although Christian was officially the king, in reality the country was ruled his advisers. He was mentally ill, suffered from paranoia, inflicted self-injured, and was extremely illegible in relations with women.

6 Charles II, king of Spain

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Born as a result of terrible incest, Carlos II with he suffered from such a great deformity that he couldn’t even close your mouth to chew. Although he was supposed to be king, his mother had to rule in his place. He believed all his life that was bewitched.

5 Athos VI, King of Portugal

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Due to the disease suffered in his youth, this monarch remained partially paralyzed to the left side. When he grew up, then became famous as the crazy portuguese king glutton and how many other kings on this list ended up in captivity. Went rumors that in the place where he had been marking for a long time remained pothole.

4 Charles IX, king of France

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He was called the Snotty King. He was prone to fits of rage and sadism, although he was known as a sissy.

3 Henry VI, king of England

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This ruler suffered such a severe bipolar disorder, that his wife had to take the reins of government. Henry often fell into prolonged nervous breakdowns and completely stopped be aware of what is going on around him.

2 George III, King of Great Britain

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The glory of one of the craziest rulers in the history of George, probably owed to the films that were made about him. Like Charles IX, he also ended up behind bars, and his only legacy besides mental disorder, there was a loss of American colonies.

1 Caligula, Roman Emperor

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Undoubtedly, the craziest ruler of all time. They say that once he ordered the execution of a whole family. He started with husband and wife, and then preoccupied with children until he reached the very the youngest, 12-year-old girl. The poor thing was sobbing, and the indignant crowd begged her to spare, because she was a virgin. With a smile he ordered the executioner to rape her, and then kill her.

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