The first primates on earth were like little protein and ate fruit

The first primates on earth looked like little squirrels and ate fruit.A photo from open sources

Studying the limbs of the most ancient primacy of the earth – Purgatorius, scientists concluded that these animals looked like protein and also lived on trees, eating mainly fruits and insects.

Until recently, experts could judge this animal only in parts of his skull. However after the state Montana (USA) fragments of the skeleton of Purgatorius were found, including including ankle bone (less than one penny in size) appeared the opportunity to study in more detail the most ancient primates, appearance and their lifestyle.

According to researchers, Purgatorius appeared after extinction of dinosaurs on earth, approximately 65 million years back.

According to the structure of the ankle joints, scientists concluded that the first primates lived on trees and easily moved along them, clinging fingers to branches.


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