The galactic disk is an artifact that confuses scientists with their mystery

The galactic disk is an artifact that confuses scientists with its mysteryA photo from open sources

In the metropolitan museum of Peru, a mysterious artifact is stored, the origin and purpose of which is unknown to scientists, since a thorough study of this so-called galactic disk not produced.

It was not for the reason that to understand his whole riddle, apparently, everything it will not succeed, but if you come closer to understanding what it is this, then, presumably, have to rethink the whole story of humanity. And therefore this inconvenient artifact was not even subject to carbon analysis in order to determine its time creation. It turned out that the best place for him, like many other similar finds in the museum.

However, independent researchers not only gave him this “talking” name (the disc is actually similar in shape to galaxy), but they continue to speculate as far as possible, who and when could create such amazing beauty and at the same time time to complete a disk with knowledge of the structure of the universe. However, some suggest it could be a ship model aliens.

However, on one of the rays of the galactic disk there is a mark, which, if you imagine an artifact after all with a map of our Galaxy, indicates the place on it of the solar system. It all fits modern ideas about the structure of the Milky Way and being in him SS.

A photo from open sources

According to one theory, the galactic disk was created by Indians Ancient India who retained knowledge of former civilizations in his epic, for example, in the Mahabharata, which tells not only about the gods who descended to our Earth (we must understand, these were aliens), but also about the wars between them using fusion and laser weapons.

Please note, the researchers write that the gods of any epic, whether ancient India or ancient Greece, constantly fighting between themselves, which gives the impression of their imperfection. But can the gods be imperfect, so greedy, power-hungry and warlike, like people? But the aliens – may well. And their footprints on Earth – everywhere and everywhere. And this drive is – not an exception. But since modern science does not want to recognize the fact that aliens visited the Earth, as well as their presence here before still, such artifacts immediately turn into the category of objectionable, banned – almost useless to anyone. And because they are in the best case become mysterious exhibits of museums like the galactic disk we are considering, at worst, gather dust in storerooms or simply disappear, for example, settling in private collections …

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