The inhabitants of Atlantis are still alive today

They live in underwater cities and sometimes scare people The inhabitants of Atlantis are still alivePhoto from open sources About unidentified flying objects – UFO – everyone knows. And about unidentified underwater? Kingdom of Poseidon time from time to time puzzles seafarers “luminous heads”, “circles of the devil” and other miracles. Researcher Fedor Guard recorded the testimony of sailors who saw a strange phenomenon: “June 18 1845 the crew of the ship “Victoria” observed in the Mediterranean Sea the emergence of three dazzling disks, slowly soaring into the sky. Disks that seemed five times the size of the visible moon were connected thin luminous rods. “He doesn’t even explain this phenomenon. had tried. And imagine the reaction of the sailors of the American military aircraft carrier “Wasp” and five escort ships when in 1963 on exercises off the coast of Puerto Rico, they saw four days a mysterious object maneuvering under water at great speed! The sailors tried to “slow down” it, but could not. July 20, 1967 120 miles off the coast of Brazil the captain of an Argentine vessel in logbook wrote: “We saw about 50 feet across starboard shining object. He had a cigar shape, and his the length was 105-110 feet (approximately 32 meters). From him a powerful bluish-white radiance emanated, and he did not publish sounds and left no trace on the water. A quarter of an hour he moved parallel to the ship, then unexpectedly dived, passed under the ship and disappeared. “But in February 1977 the crew of the cruise ship” Anton Makarenko “in tropical waters generally saw” fiery dances “.” On glowing spots appeared on the waves, there were more and more of them, – recorded in the logbook. – Then they stretched to the very horizon in a line of 6-8 meters wide. It became very light, as if a month appeared in the sky. Then the lines began to move, they spun like the spokes of a giant wheel. The rotation was slow even. “The same dancing circles” spotted “and the crew of the scientific vessel “Academician Vorobyov”, which in 1976 was located in the Arabian sea. His team noticed a bright white spot with a radius of 150-200 meters around the ship. It rotated counterclockwise breaking up into 8 parts, as if from the action of propeller blades. Echo sounder recorded under the keel at a depth of 20 meters … the presence of a certain masses! Even Thor Heyerdahl met with the tricks of the “water”. IN a book about traveling to Kon-Tiki, he wrote: “Several times when the ocean was calm, in the black water around the raft appeared round heads with a diameter of 60-70 cm, which, without moving, looked on us with big sparkling eyes. Sometimes at night we saw in sparkling balls about a meter in diameter that light up at regular intervals, reminding flashing on one instant light bulbs … “What are all these objects? No one can answer. Back in the 19th century, scientists Adams and Jenkins suggested: intelligent creatures live at the bottom of the seas with gills accustomed to low temperature and tremendous pressure. In addition, there has long been a legend that in ancient times the enlighteners of mankind were the Poseidons – people from the ocean. Representatives of underwater civilization did not look Apollos. In his story “In the Abyss” a portrait of such a creature, perhaps, “drew” Herbert Wells: “It was strange … animal. His dark purple head vaguely resembled a head a chameleon, but he had such a high forehead and such a huge skull, which does not occur in reptiles; vertical head positioning gave him a striking resemblance to a man. “However, the concept beauty conditionally. It is possible that we, too, dolphins and octopuses seem like freaks. Poseidonians allegedly taught the inhabitants of Atlantis sciences, and they even flew into space. By the way, a new hypothesis about Atlantis nominated a contactee from Dnepropetrovsk Nina S. She supposedly received information from space that the mythical superpower the aliens founded and called Atzor. Their descendants thanks to their knowledge of the laws of the solar system predicted a great catastrophe, because of which their civilization will perish. And they built houses for themselves under bottom of the ocean. They moved there, without waiting for the cataclysm, and live there today. And only their probes appear on the surface of the Earth – those the most unidentified underwater objects.

Atlantis Water Time

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