The Israelis have their own Stonehenge

The Israelis Have Their StonehengePhotos from open sources of

Golan Heights are controversial Middle Eastern territory that is currently controlled by Israel. Few people know that there is a monument resembling English Stonehenge and having the same impressive age.

Face to face do not make out

Megalithic construction off the coast of the Sea of ​​Galilee for centuries remained unnoticed by scientists, while being in full view of locals. When experts finally discovered these ruins, they came in real confusion. Consisting of huge stone circles megalith dates from the early bronze century, and no one can say for what purpose its once here erected and what people became the author of this creation.

A photo from open sources

The wheel-shaped ancient complex is a drawing of lumps piled in a pile. According to expert estimates, for the construction of Stonehenge in the Golan Heights was used about forty thousand tons of stone. Made of black basalt central funeral hury and five concentric rings around him. In Hebrew, this structure is called the Wheel of Giants, Arabic – Wild Cat Stones. In the rest of the world the megalithic monument with a mound in the center was given the name Wheel of perfume.

The estimated age of the structure is approximately five thousand years. The building dates from the early Bronze Age, being the same age as the aforementioned Stonehenge in the United The kingdom.

If you look at the complex from the ground, it looks like nothing a remarkable cluster of stones that could remain here say from the crumbling medieval walls. All the beauty of the monument opens only from a bird’s eye, therefore concentric circles were found only at the end sixties centuries passed from a helicopter. Excavations that followed behind this discovery, showed that the Wheel of Spirits is one of The most ancient and large structures in the region.

What is the purpose of the mysterious megalith?

The central burial chamber is surrounded by five rings, the largest of which has a diameter of one hundred fifty-two meters. The height of the rings is from one to two and a half meters, with this is not all rings are solid. Some of them connect short the walls that form the peculiar knitting needles in this giant the wheel. Wall thickness varies from three to three and a half meters. The burial hury in the center is five meters high and diameter twenty five meters.

After excavating the ruins, archaeologists found similar to underground rooms cameras that, however, were hardly ever used in quality of living quarters. No artifacts left here – the researchers only discovered a pin from the Neolithic era, abandoned probably by robbers.

A photo from open sources

Scientists continue to build numerous theories regarding destination megalith. The most popular hypothesis is that the construction served at one time as an astrological calendar. IN the benefit of this conjecture is the fact that during the December and the June solstice the sun is fully visible for some time in artificial stone holes.

No less a mystery is who built this amazing monument. Scientists estimate that in the early bronze century, people would need to spend on the construction of such a monument twenty-five thousand days, working most of the day and without weekend. This is sixty eight and a half years! Wherein it is known for certain that in those days the exceptional nomadic peoples who simply would not waste their time and strength for a similar job.

The Wheel of Spirits is currently located in Israeli military training ground, but everyone can free attend it on weekends when soldier exercises are not held.

Time Stones Stonehenge

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