The largest gold crystal found in the world

A photo from open sources

Scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA) confirmed that the size of the world’s largest gold crystal approximately equal to the size of a golf ball. Crystal weight is 217.78 grams, and its total weight is about 7.7 ounces. This large nugget was found several years ago in Venezuela. Today, based on the findings of numerous studies, Scientists at the Los Alamos National Laboratory Center have established that this large crystal is indeed gold, and its the estimated value is approximately $ 1.5 million. Geologist John Rakovan, who participated in the lab, clarified that the crystal was delivered to the Los Alamos Center for more thorough study, as some researchers doubts about which particular structure this golden crystal. Some experts were sure that the crystal consists of real pure gold, others were inclined assume that the crystal has a crystal multistructure. Specialists working with the crystal, did not hide the enthusiasm that they for the first time a unique opportunity to study the atomic structure the largest gold nugget in the world.

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