The Last Secret of Easter Island

The Last Secret of Easter IslandA photo from open sources

A tiny piece of land in the Pacific haunts scientists no longer one century. Its population, having installed almost a thousand stone moai idols disappeared somewhere, abandoning not yet completed. It seemed that the work was stopped abruptly. A handful of remaining the natives could not tell anything about the fate of their fellow tribesmen. But the fact that on Easter Island there was a developed civilization, no doubt. The main evidence of her existence – these same idols. According to most Researchers, savages were not able to sculpt monuments weighing several tens of tons and a height of 3 to 20 meters. And most importantly – carefully arrange them all over the island. -Such work could only be done by aliens, – puts forward the most fantastic hypothesis famous swiss traveler and writer Eric von Daniken. – It is no accident that the eyes of the statues look at the sky. According to the writer, the aliens got to this island due to a breakdown your ship. While repairing, having fun – sculpted own busts. Therefore moai have such inhuman elongated faces. Having repaired the ship, the space guests flew away, leaving many statues unfinished. No less extravagant version in its The Secret Doctrine was put forward by the philosopher and occultist Elena Blavatsky. She believed that Easter Island was part of Lemuria – mythical countries. In addition to the Lemurians, Atlanteans lived there – the inhabitants, survivors from the sunken Atlantis. Both were according legends giants from 7 to 18 meters. Therefore, for them to make and to establish 10-meter idols was not difficult. But happened a monstrous flood, which is said in local legends: “From heaven and lightnings fell from inside the earth, big water came, and there was no nothing is visible around. “And the angry god Uwoke completed the catastrophe, “splitting the earth” with his fiery staff. The island sank so fast that no one had time to escape. However, Blavatsky writes, through for several centuries, this piece of land rose from the bottom, which in general characteristic of islands of volcanic origin. And even statues preserved on it almost in its original form. But many, of course, fell from their pedestals. WINGED PEOPLE Third version, which most scientists adhere to: the fault of local residents Easter Island suffered an environmental disaster that turned a paradise in the desert. – The number of islanders grew, and they began to cut down the forest faster than he could recover, – told Jared the American biogeographer Jared Diamond – Trees burned, freeing up land for farming households, drowned by them, used in construction. And soon there was a shortage of food and water. The forest stopped retaining moisture, started drought, springs and streams dried up. The soil has lost its former fertility. During this decline, the natives began to erect moai, in order to propitiate the gods. But the deities did not help. Crash highly developed civilization completed cannibalism. However some mystic researchers suggest that to this day has survived a clan of the indigenous inhabitants of the island, which hides from uninitiated ancient knowledge of ancestors. For example, they can preserved in the ancient writing of the natives – rongo-rongo. Signs engraved on the smooth surface of the boards, as well as drawings – winged people, weird biped creatures, fantastic animals, spirals – scientists still cannot decipher. One of the local residents once admitted to researchers that ancestors punish everyone who reveals the pale-faced secret letters. And all this exciting hypotheses destined to collapse, giving way dry scientific facts. INFECTION FROM CIVILIZATION Archaeologists Karl Lipo from California State University and Terry Hunt from Hawaiian University (USA) wrote a book “Statues that walked: The Solution secrets of Easter Island. “They prove that the highly developed civilization never existed there. Although the idols made by the natives themselves. Moai was needed to scare away enemies from the sea and for magical rituals. Statues carved in a quarry extinct volcano Rano Raraku from volcanic tuff – ash, condensed after the eruption. And dragged them to the coast with using logs, ropes and wooden rollers. Various experiments proved: this method of transportation is real. So, 12 islanders, using two poles as levers and several ropes, laying pebbles under a slightly shifted 20-ton statue, they could install it in 18 days. In addition, scientists have determined that the statues were not thrown in a hurry. It turned out that everyone lying on the sidelines The statue is complemented by a pedestal plate. She just went underground. When the Moai stood along the roads, they personified the guard, guarding the path to the vent of Rano-Rarak – the entrance to another world. – But the natives did not disappear before, but after the arrival of the colonists from Holland in 1722, – said Dr. Lipo at the presentation of the book. -They were suddenly dying. Europeans infected them with a whole bunch ailments – sexually transmitted diseases, dysentery, leprosy, tuberculosis, smallpox. As a result of the disease, the Paschal people were destroyed. By According to scientists, there was no environmental disaster, which so today the members of the “green” movement like to trump. Like, island Easter – a smaller model of our planet, which awaits the same fate, if thoughtlessly spend natural resources. – Cutting down trees was not the only cause of devastation – convinced Dr. Hunt. – Easter has never been a tropical paradise. The main the trouble that destroyed the forests was the rats they brought with them colonists. Rodents quickly multiplied and ate palm seeds. – IN the whole picture is this: people who welcomed the Dutch, and those who created the Moai, are one and the same people, one and the same civilization, ”concluded Dr. Lipo. – In favor of this there convincing argument: if someone else sculpted these statues historically earlier, today they would have greatly weathered. OPINION SKEPTICS British archaeologist Paul BAN, one of the authors of the book “Riddles of Easter Island”: “Easter eggs themselves killed each other” – These revisionists completely ignore local traditions. So if proceed from the legends and finds of archaeologists preserved here, then the picture is different. One of the legends says that on the island Once upon a time there lived long-eared people whose earlobes due to heavy jewelry stretched to the shoulders. Subordinate to long-eared – local the ruling elite – there were short-eared – workers who made stone idols. When by 1680 the population of the island grew and the earth could no longer feed everyone, then the short-eared rebelled and killed almost all the long-eared. And since without the “ruling hand” simple hard workers could not figure out how to survive, they soon died and yourself. Discovered evidence of war and civil strife Researchers arrowheads and darts from obsidian – their thousands. The conflict has led to the overthrow and abuse of stone idols – many beat their noses. Version of Lipo and Hunt denies the very existence of such a separation of Easter society, as well as civil war and its consequences. It turns out that scientists simply ignored all of these arguments because they did not fit into their original concept. As for preservation of statues, then, as shown by data from archaeologists who studied Mesoamerican cultures, compressed volcanic ash, from whose moai are made, succumbs slowly enough to the wind erosion. That is why the statues look “younger” than their age.

War Water Easter Island

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