The Last War of Hyperborea

The Last War of HyperboreaA photo from open sources I. So Atlantis flooded 13 thousand years ago, as Plato tells us from the words of an ancient Egyptian priest Maneto, overnight, the beautiful Atlantis, the center of civilization suffered a disaster and perished in the water column. At the same time the city, called today, by location, Mohenjo-Daro, on to the other end of the world – in the Indus Valley – suffered as strange and unexpected disaster. He ceased to exist immediately, and its inhabitants, the huge skeletons of which are in great numbers discovered by archaeologists, were not buried either then or a century later by some reason. Analysis of thousands of stones also strewn the streets Mohenjo-Daro, showed that they are fragments of clay dishes, sintered from instant heating to 1400-1600 degrees Celsius. Experts believe that there were three destructive waves extending two kilometers from epicenter (judging by the absence of skeletons lying further everywhere, people who were near the epicenter, simply evaporated). Most importantly, the possibility of a volcanic eruption or a meteorite fall is completely ruled out.

Everywhere in the world we find strange artifacts that, if rule out the possibility of nuclear war many years ago, just inexplicable. These are tektites (glasses unknown to science origin similar to sintered sand on the ground nuclear tests) Libyan Desert, Sinneara Desert and many other places.

More recently, in March 2001, Richard B. Firestone, a scientist from the famous atomic research center in berkeley made sensational message. In his opinion, radiocarbon dating many monuments and finds already on the American continent incorrect due to the fact that some areas according to his research, underwent … bombardment by neutron fluxes and other particles arising, as you know, in a nuclear explosion. “These neutrons converted residual nitrogen into dated wood coals in radiocarbon, thus giving abnormal dates. Some North American dates are thus given in error. at least 10,000 or more years down. ”

To prove this, he cites the studied samples from Jane in Michigan, Fedford and Zandra – in Ontario, Shoop in Pennsylvania, Elton – in Indiana, Leavitt – in Michigan and northern the tip of Lake Grant, as well as in the southwest of Baker, New Mexico. He also points to abnormal abundance relationships. uranium and plutonium in the areas he studied. And although a scientist cautiously explains these anomalies by “radiation from a nearby supernova a star exploded about 12.500 years ago (same date !!! – Yu.Ch.) “, a supernova explosion does not explain the traces plutonium – an element that does not occur at all in nature, but arising only in nuclear reactions of uranium produced man in special conditions – in a nuclear reactor. All this speaks of that 13,000 years ago a global nuclear event occurred on Earth war. War, I dare say this, between Hyperborea and Atlantis.

gigant-1A photo from open sources

II. The gods and demons of the ancients are the people and leaders of Atlantis and Hyperborea!

Legends around the world say that once on Earth and in heaven a war was fought using fantastic weapons, air ships and death rays when cities disappeared and mountains exploded giant lightning, traces of which are still visible. But they say somehow vaguely, and that’s why. When past civilization was collapsed and there was a cold snap, most people died. The few survivors plunged into barbarism. Over the centuries of savagery, science was lost, although memories of ancient wisdom persisted from generations of priests passing secret knowledge inside their corporations in all countries and on all continents. First it there were real memories – epics, but over the centuries, less and less details remained, more and more strata, braided naive aspirations and beliefs exacerbated by steadily declining the level of being and consciousness of people of the post-Hyperborean era. Distorted the memory represented the heroes and leaders of the perished world by the gods and supernatural demons, but they were just people who controlled aircraft and had weapons and technologies, in something similar to ours, in something superior to us. And the hardships of being gave birth to dreams of a serene, blessed life, projected into the distant past. And as a result, we have what we have – vague memories, interesting only amazing details that need to be weeded out from thousands of pages of text, like golden grains of sand from tons of empty religious rock nonsense. But what grains of sand!

For example, recently a scientific work was introduced the ancient Indian astrologer Bhaskhara “Siddhanta-shiromani”, in which, among other units of time, appears “tritti” component of 0.3375 seconds, and in an even earlier Sanskrit text, “Brihath Sakatha”, is the unit of measurement time “chest”, equal to one three hundred millionth of a second! Specialists studying the works of ancient Indian scholars are lost in hunches: for what purposes such a unit was needed in those days and how was it measured? After all, a “chestnut”, like any other unit of measure, may make sense only if it has practical need and there are means for measuring with such accuracy. No need to rack your brains! Everything is very simple. And those who kept and transferred knowledge from past civilization that could not be useful the last 12 thousand years, they knew perfectly well.

American writer Andrews, being in Madras, heard from yoga teacher – pandita Kaniahi – such an admission: “Brahmin scholars with from time immemorial were obliged to keep a lot of information, meaning which they themselves did not understand. Even their distant ancestors knew that matter consists of countless atoms, which is a large part space in the atoms themselves is not filled with matter. ” Brahmins, like other occultists of all continents from time immemorial, from the beginning of their esoteric traditions, it was simply not to lose the heritage passed to them, to preserve it for future generations, transfer from generation to generation, even if you don’t understand Belmez. But, unfortunately, they coped with this poorly, stuffing transmitted by piles of religious-magic nonsense.

On the other hand, the eternal craving spoiled the ancient memory the human will certainly settle down universally “- as he wrote Dostoevsky. And to her – an eternal shadow – the constant horror of death. Unreadiness and unwillingness to accept the evidence that with death everything ends and that we are alone in the universe. The first does not require evidence: “the flesh is separated from the bones” – although so much hallucinations made by those who cannot accept it. To prove the second is also simple. Although there are about 10 reasonable evidence, the most obvious is that. If we know the laws natures are the same throughout the Universe, which means that any other civilization, whatever it may be – even talking doggies with Sirius, will be obliged to use for long-distance communication radio waves and in a necessary manner – and very soon – a large part of the used wave range will be ultrashort, having the advantages of low cost, quality and accuracy, but also a drawback is the escape into space through the ionosphere. And that means that such a planet in the radio range will look from the side like huge, no less than Vega in volume, most powerful star – at full Invisibility in the optical range. This is exactly what it looks like from space is our planet. In this case, the modulations of this radiation will be complex and non-periodic – for we are a planet not picking beacons, and thousands of television and radio stations. Nothing like nowhere no more. Radio astronomers from the 60s last century listen Universe and encounter only natural space “beacons” – like quasars. We are alone!

So where did this secret knowledge come from, these amazing tales about the last war, all the more confirmed by archaeological finds? And from nowhere – these are our legends and our history. Just we – not the first civilization on Earth, but if we do not have enough mind, – then not the last.

The lack of direct evidence for the existence of an ancient machine civilization does not refute this existence. We are so few we know what lies beneath our feet — that you are simply amazed. Troy was lost for millennia until Schliemann dug up the Trojans walls, and before that 30 centuries illiterate over this wealth herders grazed their goats. The shining Babylonia of Nebuchadnezzar was buried under the sand of Sinnear, like Pompeii – under the volcanic ashes until their excavation began. How many cities are blurring today on the ocean floor and how many once populous metropolises lie under the sands of the deserts? And when the brave loners start their searches – they are either mocked at them, as at Schliemann, or towards them crowds of schizophrenics stick themselves together, seeing in the evidence of antiquity confirmation of his religious mania, although archaeological finds least confirmed by the “transmigration of souls,” “being of God,” or the “need” of vegetarian food. For they are left by people, subordinate (and subordinate) to their will the physical nature, and therefore – materialists.

If a “nuclear summer” takes place, after a few millennia cavemen can crawl out of their underground burrows near the ruins Moscow or New York and build new cities over them, no idea having about our lost world. Future historians will ask: a could an arrogant “global” ever exist a civilization whose arrogant leaders are about to gather in St. Petersburg – to solve, as it seems to them, issues of world order, and from our the enlightened century will be nothing but distorted memories of flying vehicles and fantastic magical weapons that will tell like fairy tales to children throughout centuries until culture rises again. Only followers of the Secret wisdom will be kept in their secret teachings, gradually degenerating into a parody of ourselves, the traditions of our lost centuries …

ancientnuclearwar1A photo from open sources

III. We are not the first …

The ancient Indian epic Mahabharata describes the 18-day war between Duryodhana, the son of Teacher Dron or, in Sanskrit, Drona-Acharya, and his “cousin” Yudhishtira, allegedly over 14 centuries BC It’s hard to believe that this magnificent the epic really describes the civilization of 1400 BC, because nomadic Aryans invaded through the northern passes to the Indian plain, possessing from technology only horse-drawn carts, arrows and with bronze swords, and the songs tell about duels of aircraft and the use of nuclear weapons. Actually, the Mahabharata contains pieces of much more ancient legends once memorized by singers The Vedas by heart and turned into temple records only since time inventions of the Devanagari alphabet dating back to the 1340s BC – that is, by the time the battle on the kuru field. Here are examples of such descriptions.

“Drona Parva”: “Noticing in the sky this mountain, letting out countless charges, the son of Drona (Duryodhana – Yu.Ch.) did not flinch and called for help the Vajra gun. Startled prince of the mountains was fast destroyed. And rakshasa turned into a mass of blue clouds on the sky, decorated with a rainbow, and began to fall in the rain of stones. “Than you do not describe the bomber that was shot down ground-to-air missile? “Mahabharata” tells of more interesting things identified as heavy missiles: “This Brahma-danda, or Brahma’s Rod, is incomparably more powerful than even an arrow Indra (tactical non-nuclear missiles? – Yu.Ch). Last may hit only once, and the first can hit entire countries and whole races from generation to generation. “For millennia, it’s It looked like a game of poetic imagination. It amazes us sinister resemblance to our nuclear bombs, radiation from which causes hereditary diseases and stillbirth in another unborn future generations. “Once upon being attacked Valadevi, furious Jarasandha in a desire to destroy us threw a rod capable of killing all life. Sparkling fire, this rod headed towards us, cutting the sky as a line that is on the female the head is divided by pigtails (jet trail! – Yu.Ch.) with speed lightning fired by Shukra. Noticing a rod flying in our direction, Rohini’s son threw a Stunakarm weapon to drop him. Energy the rod was extinguished by the energy of Valadeva’s weapons, and he fell to Earth, splitting her and making even the mountains shudder “(” Bhisma Parva “). Missiles and missiles …

But the description, also considered poetic nonsense. Before Hiroshima. Description of the destruction of the Triple City, the very one that today almost surely identified by archaeologists with Mohenjo-Daro, which was mentioned at the beginning. “… spewing streams Brahma’s killing arrow of fire (the size of her three elbows and six ft; her power is like that of Indra’s thousand lightning bolts, and she destroys everything living around) – was released. Flames devoid of smoke dispersed in all sides with overwhelming power. Incandescent pillar of smoke and a flame as dazzling as 10,000 suns rose into the sky in all its awesome grandeur, revealing like a beach umbrella from of the sun … It was Iron Lightning, the messenger of death, who turned into the ashes of all the people of Vrishni and Andhak. Their bodies were burned. Those who survived, hair and nails, pottery cracked for no apparent reason, and all the birds in the area turned white feathers. A few hours later, all the food was poisoned … Fleeing this fire, warriors rushed into the river to wash themselves and your gear. ”

And again: “Hero Advattaman refused to leave his ship when he touched the water, and resorted to the weapons of Agni (the god of fire – Yu.Ch.), before which even the gods could not resist. The son of the teacher (Drones) is this enemy hero fighter aimed at all his visible and invisible enemies a flaming spear that spews smokeless fire, and released him in all directions. Thick sheaves of arrows burst from him in firmament. Embraced by a bright flame, these arrows swept Party from all parties. Suddenly a thick gloom enveloped Pandavu. All sides of the world also plunged into darkness. The winds blew. Clouds rattled in the sky overthrowing a rain of blood. Birds, animals, cows and soul-vowed fell into extreme concern. The elements themselves seemed to be agitated. Elephants and other animals, scorched by the energy of this weapon, are terrified fled, seeking refuge from this terrible force. Even water boiled, and the creatures living in this element became worried and seemed to cooked. From all over the world, from the firmament and the Earth itself flew sheaves of ferocious arrows at the speed of Garuda. Burned and slain with these quick as lightning arrows, the enemies fell like trees, Burned by the devouring fire. Elephants scorched by these weapons fell to the ground, emitted terrible cries, others rushed back and forth forward, roaring loudly with fear, as if they were in a burning the forest. Horses, O King, and wagons burned by the power of these weapons, they looked like treetops burned by a forest fire. Thousands the carts crumbled to dust. In fact, about Bharat, it seemed that the divine Lord Agni burned in that battle the army of Pandava, as Soma-Vartya fire destroys everything at the end of the Yuga. ”

In general, the Mahabharata epic contains more than 230 stanzas, containing detailed and very realistic descriptions of the design of missiles, aircraft, as well as other vehicles and devices, including the fact that we would be called unmanned vehicles and combat robots today.

15Vajra_SwayambunathA photo from open sources

IV. Hyperborea stone soldiers are waiting in the wings

That’s what the most in the distant past of such a war thinks authoritative researcher of monuments of ancient Hyperborea in Russia – Head of the Scientific Tourism Commission of the Russian Geographical Society Sergey Vadimovich Golubev. I emphasize once again – real, not mythical, sucked from a finger and from of various places, the heritage of Hyperborea, confirmed by his numerous finds of prehistoric monuments of this ancient continent.

– I do not exclude the possibility of such a war, but I want to emphasize that you should not expect any finds directly confirming it: too much time has passed. Neither metal, nor even composite materials do not persist for so long, especially organic matter. A the evidence available and known to you suggests that in there are a lot of antiquities that we make today from metal, “made” of living or almost living matter. By the way, and ours technology is rapidly approaching this. No wonder there are so many Now there are scientific fantasies around the so-called “cyborgs.” We are with We’ll talk about this in some detail in detail. Now I wanted would say that nuclear weapons were hardly the only powerful weapon of that war. You certainly know that the earth’s crust, that the firmament we walk on is incredibly thin.

If the Earth is presented in the form of a school globe and mentally “cut” it, we won’t even be able to see its dense bark even in strong magnifier – so thin it is. What is below it is science only suggests, but most scholars agree that under it is the molten mass on which our continents float. It, if not more, the ancients could have known, not for nothing that they their treatises, which have come down to us through thousands of generations, have been compared ground with an egg. Today, the so-called a “geophysical weapon” that has been talked about a lot in recent years. ABOUT geological annals of the planet also speak of the possibilities – about 13,000 years ago there was an unexpectedly powerful outbreak of volcanism and geological activity, it seems today, incapable be caused by the process of gradual cooling of our planet. Something this volcanism woke up – or really some cosmic interference, or earthly events, the human factor. Something like that how in the 60s the military departments of nuclear powers were alarmed received from geophysical monitoring services message that in A nuclear bomb exploded in the Atlantic – as their instruments showed. On the in fact there was no atomic bomb, British geophysicists in during the experiment blew a 200-pound charge on the ocean crust, and the effect was the same as from the detonation of a military nuclear unit of high power, which was observed by surveillance services.

It turned out that when a powerful explosion occurs on the mainland crust – it quenches the caused seismic wave, and the thin oceanic the cortex is not, and the resulting resonance leads to strong geological offsets. The military became interested in the effect, as it loomed the prospect of creating geophysical weapons.

Hyperborean cities, if they existed, are today under water – on the shelf of the Arctic Ocean, which sank to the bottom it was in that era – about 9-11 thousand years BC, when that the most incomprehensible catastrophe associated with drowning Atlantis. One can, very carefully, assume that the Atlanteans and Hyperboreans exchanged geophysical shock. About it indicates, by the way, and the shape of the geoid, which has specific concavity in the northern hemisphere, which is not observed in others planetary bodies of the solar system. Assuming that the exchange of such blows took place, then Atlantis was in a knowingly losing position – its metropolitan was on an island in the zone geoactivity, as evidenced by Plato, describing the hot sources in Atlantis, and colonies on the coasts of Africa, Europe, both Americas.

At the time, by the way, the Americans were at first very surprised, but then extremely irritated by the fact that atomic missiles of the USSR, when they there were still very few, they were sent not to launch mines, but in general in the sea, where no one expected to shoot them down. In fact our military then expected to bury America, at least – its coastal cities, in a gigantic geophysical cataclysm. Also and Hyperborea was located mostly in the coastal zone, but also on the mainland, she had extensive possessions. So Atlantis was completely destroyed, and Hyperborea preserved on that part the mainland, which did not sink to the bottom as a result of the blow, and we We are able to find preserved monuments of that era on Kola Peninsula and the White Sea. Although, of course, the cataclysm should was to destroy and on the continent a lot …

– You know, Sergey, the art of Hyperborea amazes me. Time for at once, looking at the photos you took, I am surprised ideology of this art. Monuments of Hyperborea are militaristic monuments, the faces depicted on them are faces warriors. Except one. On the only monument that was already carved by a lying, defeated. I’m talking about a gigantic face surprisingly reminiscent of the faces of the statues of Central America – those places where the colonies of Atlantis were, while the faces of other statues – quite aryan. That’s what I call him – “defeated Atlas”. Also – ideology, also monumental propaganda … Are we doomed to fight and destroy the achievements of civilization acquired by such labor for so many centuries? – I don’t know … I would not want to believe…

slavic-sculpturesA photo from open sources

“New Petersburg”, n23 (787), 06/15/2006, n24 (788), 06/22/2006

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