The legendary Stonehenge healed the weak?

The legendary Stonehenge healed the weak?A photo from open sources Discussions about the appointment of the famous megalithic complex Stonehenge near Salisbury in English County Wiltshire does not subside. Recently, a new version has appeared: Professor Timothy Darville of Bormunt University said that the complex performed … a healing function. Sick people arrived here, in the hope that the energy of stones can heal them. Research this building, included in the list of World Heritage Sites UNESCO, held since the XIX century. Still fails with establish her age with accuracy. It is believed that the “start” Stonehenge construction fell on the end of IV – beginning of III millennium BC. That is, he can be more than 5000 years.

The main elements of the complex are an earthen rampart and 30 stone pillars forming a circle of 40-meter diameter – allow make several assumptions about exactly why this structure was intended. Among the versions – the cult appointment, astronomical observatory and stone calendar.

However, if you look at Stonehenge from a height, you can see that its stones do not form a vicious circle characteristic of cult buildings. British archaeologists have determined that some of the stones were removed from the circle. And these were not small pebbles that easy to slide and carry, and huge boulders. What happened to them and who could need them?

By the way, because of these “gaps” it’s difficult for scientists to answer the question, what was the original layout of Stonehenge. Neither excavation nor geophysical studies have not clarified this problem.

More recently, the hypothesis has appeared that the complex is simply not completed. Professor of History at the University of Bristol Ronald Hatton called this prehistoric monument “unique and perhaps unsuccessful experiment – as triumph as disaster. ”

In particular, the scientist points out, when installed in the outer circle a huge block of sandstone builders, apparently, dropped it. The stone fell and split in two, but instead of replacing it to others, the hackers stacked the debris on top of each other and propped up jumper on top. The design collapsed after some time. “A massive jumper fell right on the altar, knocked a stone out of it and she broke in two, ”says Hatton. – She still lies where it fell. They didn’t even try to fix it. ”

Stonehenge has become virtual Meanwhile, Professor Vince Gaffney of University of Birmingham and its research colleagues Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes project using georadar succeeded to open in the vicinity of Stonehenge 15 more objects of artificial origin, built more than 4 thousand years ago, and part of They were discovered directly near the famous complex. On an area of ​​about 6 square kilometers around Stonehenge various structures resembling stone were found alleys, stairs, millstones and sarcophagi. According to Dr. Hafney, these are not autonomous objects at all, but part of the same complex, which is much grander than one might have expected. “Necessary re-draw a prehistoric map of the area, he said. – It turns out that what we call Stonehenge had not 100 meters in diameter, and almost 3 kilometers. “Part of the open structures, located east and west of Stonehenge, could used for ritual purpose and, in all likelihood, was associated with worship of the moon and the sun, says the head research team. But that is not all. Already mentioned Professor Darville from Bormunt put forward a sensational assumption about that people came here not only to worship certain deities. He believes that Stonehenge was a place of pilgrimage for the sick and cripples who came here for healing. So, in the area of ​​megaliths were burials of people with bone defects were found. Perhaps among pilgrims were people with diseased internal organs, but they, to Unfortunately, not preserved. In addition, it turned out that some of the stones for the construction of Stonehenge was delivered from the area Presley in Wales, which is known for its healing properties. Many stones chipped pieces. Back in the 18th century, if you believe to the chronicles, people broke fragments of megaliths to make from them are talismans. According to legend, they protected from illnesses and ailments. Oh Isn’t this a “shortage” of boulders in a circle? For the sake of to become healthy, people sometimes decide on “feats” and worse “abduction” of large stones! And then, who said the latter were taken away? In the end, they could just be split into pieces and use according to the “purpose” … Irina Shlionskaya

Stonehenge Stones

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