The missing man was found in the ancients Pompeii

A photo from open sources

In 2003, the expedition of Professor Frank Romain conducted Excavations in Pompeii, an ancient city that died in 79 A.D. in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. During excavation at a depth of 6 meters under a layer of lava the body of an unfortunate victim was found almost 2,000 years ago. On the left hand of the deceased was steel bracelet in which the name was engraved in English Owner: William Green / Photos from open sources

Professor’s unnecessary find didn’t please the find at all, since he immediately understood what complications he would bring as a scientist this bracelet. Romaine tried to keep everything a secret. Alas, there were too many witnesses. In the evening, a professor came journalists and he was forced to tell everything and present a bracelet. TO the indescribable joy of journalists was engraved on the inside side of the bracelet: “Ben-Hur, 1925.” The internet has given exhaustive information who is William Green, what does Ben-Gur mean and what does here 1925. Ben-Hur, 1925 In 1923, Goldwin Picters started filming the grandiose film “Ben-Hur: the story of Christ.” The painting became the most expensive project of the silent cinema era. Budget tapes amounted to 3.9 million dollars (40 million in prices of the XXI century). In 1926 the year the work was completed. The film was a huge success, bringing in more than $ 9 million in revenue. In the filming was involved a huge number of people at that time. Listed and William Green. Photos from open sources

Frame from the film “Ben-Hur: The Story of Christ”

The stuntman who dreamed of becoming an actor William Green was stuntman and starred in chariot racing scenes. Filming held in Culver City, California. Director noted Green’s fearlessness and was pleased with him as a performer of risky tricks, but William himself dreamed of an artistic career. is he hoped that Ben-Hur would be the first rung of the ladder, which will lead him to the pinnacle of success. Green turned on the set the site useful contacts, made contacts. He was remembered many. Dreaming of future success, an ambitious stuntman ordered a bracelet on which he engraved his name, movie title, year and constantly went with him to the shooting, considering the bracelet as his amulet. But Once Green didn’t come to the shooting. He had no relatives no one was eager to look for him. The missing person was quickly found a replacement, that was the end of it. Hoax? First thing the professors, as he foresaw, were accused of forgery. Frank Romaine insulted and gave a lengthy interview in which he stated that he solid reputation in the scientific community and he does not need to attract attention to yourself with such cheap tricks. There are witnesses, there are photographs, there is scientific evidence, the meaning of which is clear only to specialists. Body was found in the cultural layer of the end of the first centuries, of which he is sure. Wear a bracelet on a petrified body, not while damaging neither the body nor the bracelet itself, it is impossible. All says that the bracelet was on the man’s hand in that a tragic day. He understands the absurdity of the find, but no one will allow you to call yourself a crook. And let those who seek explanations it is interesting. Photos from open sources

Finding an explanation is really difficult. Like a man missing in California, ended up in Italy, and even moved in time? Even if we assume that the deceased is not William Green, then like a bracelet from XX century was on the hand of a man who died almost 2 thousand years back? And there’s also an interesting document dating back to 82 era, i.e. written three years after the death of Pompey. In him it is mentioned that a few days before the tragedy the city went Legionnaire veteran urging residents to leave Pompeii as they threatened with quick death. They laughed at him and called him crazy. Maybe this “crazy” legionnaire was called William Green?

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