The most ancient trees of our planet

Some types of trees can live several thousand years. Sometimes the age of long-lived trees is greater than the period of existence of whole dynasties and civilizations. Here are the most famous trees in the world. centenarians. Nameless pine. This ancient tree from The pine family grows in the White Mountains (USA, California). The height of the white mountains reaches 14,252 feet and is located closer to the east from San Jose, and part of it extends into the Inyo National Forest. This the forest in the USA is the second most important after the national park Yosemite The oldest trees of our planetPhotos from open sources This tree does not have a core, but the one who deleted it could not determine the exact age of the pine Nameless. But according to Tom Harlan (research lab tree rings), this is the oldest tree in the world. To such a conclusion He came back in 2012. According to all data, the age of the pine found more than 5062 years. But, unfortunately, no, not a single one of her pictures and the exact location of the tree is also not public report. Pine Methuselah. This tree is also located in White mountains. For a long time they believed that this is the oldest tree. But after accurately determining the age of the Bezymyannaya pine, Pine Methuselah moved to second place. Methuselah is located on the side of White Mountain in California’s National reserve, the exact location of Methuselah is kept in the strictest secret to avoid vandalism. Although the grove in which it grows long-lived tree, partially available for excursions. Photos from open sources Shulman Grove, Inio National Forest The tree is named Methuselah after one of the biblical characters who lived 969 years. Now this pine is considered the oldest individual (non-cloned) living organism on our planet. And to better understand how old this pine is, You can look at her age in the context of history. In the era reign of Pharaoh Reims II, whose reign was about 1300 years BC, the age of the tree already reached about 1350 years. These data received by Peter Lance (University of North Carollina, Chapelhill). Methuselah Pine is also known by the name: pine of the Great Basin “,” western Spinous pine “,” intermountain Spiny pine. “Unfortunately, in our time the tree is under threatened with extinction. The habitat of this type of tree is Utah, Nevada, and California. Spinous pine grows quite slowly, and its wood is very dense, resinous and resistant to various fungi, insects and other pests. Mediterranean Cypress Zoroastrian Sarv. Photos from open sources

Cypress is the third longest tree in the world. It was cut down on Earth called Prometheus, for research back in 1960. This was later presented as an accident. Today is the third The oldest tree in the world grows in Iran, near the city of Abarkukh (Yazd Province). The age of this cypress is more than 4000 years. His high – 91 feet, and trunk coverage of 59 feet. Iranian culture takes special the role of tree art. For them, trees are observers who keep the heritage of the earth. According to Zoroastrian culture, each a man should plant a tree and give him the name of his newborn child so that they grow together. Nameless Fitzroy cypress. Photos from open sources

It grows in Chile. Some say fourth place should belong to a tree from north wales. But his age is determined approximately believed to be around 4,000 years old. Chilean Fitzroy, also known as Patagonian cypress, located under threat of extinction, as its wood is in demand in industry. Two researchers – Antonio Lara from the laboratory research of tree rings and Ricardo Valalba from the Department of Geography University of Colorado, discovered that one of the cypress trees in the Andes has an age of about 3000 years. The age of Fitzroy is anonymous 3642 years. All these trees are alive. Next five oldest trees in the world located in Sierra Nevada and California – the dead. Also in number most ancient trees, according to experts, should be included yew from north wales. But the list may change. On the first two trees from northern Lebanon growing in area of ​​the Becileh village, called “Sisters”. Their age is estimated about 6000 years, but this has not yet been scientifically confirmed. These two trees known for the fact that the olive oil obtained from them is cold pressed awarded.


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