The most famous curses in history

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Many people do not believe in mysticism, but some historical curses look too real to be simple coincidence or superstition. Curse of the Chicago Cubs Photos from open sources

In 1945, a man named Bill was not allowed to play in the Chicago Cubs baseball team, because Bill brought to play your favorite pet – a goat. Outraged by his thought such an absurd reason for exile, Bill cursed his team with the words: “You will never win again!” Unlikely at that moment whether someone took Bill’s words seriously. However during the next hundred years the famous basketball team really did not win a single victory, and this despite numerous attempts by players and fans of the club to remove the curse. Curse Tecumseh Photos from open sources

It is believed that the leader of the Indians Tekums, the victim defeat in the war with future american president William Henry Harrison cursed both him and all subsequent presidents of America. His curse sounded something like this: Harrison, after being elected by his president (1840), he will die soon after. And die there will be all subsequent US presidents elected at intervals of 20 years after Harrison (1860, 1880, etc.). Since then, historians note one very strange feature: since joining credentials all American presidents elected to the data intervals soon died. In particular, Harrison after a month of his presidency passed away from pneumonia. The exception was Ronald Reagan, who was elected president in 1980 and miraculously escaped death from attempt in 1981. Diamond “Hope” Photos from open sources

According to legend, this diamond was the “punishing eye” of the deity, worshiped in ancient India. Merchant Jean Baptiste Tavernier stole this relic from the idol, which laid the foundation for the terrible path stone. In 1669, a merchant very profitably sold this jewel to the king Louis XIV. After a while, Jean was torn to pieces by dogs, and the king died suddenly as a result of blood poisoning. Throughout many centuries, the diamond did not stop bringing to its owners sorrow, ruin and ridiculous deaths. Married couple King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were beheaded during the French revolution. English banker Francis Hope after the acquisition jewelry went bankrupt very quickly. American Walsh Macklin acquired a damned stone in 1912. She laughed at superstitions and claimed that this diamond would bring her luck. However soon of time her son died in a car accident, daughter killed by himself, and the husband went to another woman (a little later he went crazy). Curse of the Tomb of Tamerlane

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Tatar commander Tamerlan (aka Timur) in the 14th century controlled a vast territory in Asia. His tomb was discovered in 1941 in Samarkand (Uzbekistan). Stalin gave team to open the burial of Timur, despite violent protests Muslim clergy. Hacking the coffin, archaeologists discovered the inscription: “He who opens my grave, meet with the invader more scary than me. “Over the next few hours Hitler’s troops invaded the USSR. 26 million died as a result human. Believing in the curse, in 1942, Stalin gave the order to rebury the remains of Timur in accordance with Islamic tradition. Soon the German army surrendered in a decisive battle under Stalingrad, determining the outcome of the war. The Curse of the Mummy Tutankhamun

A photo from open sources Tutankhamun’s grave was protected by a stone with the inscription: “Death will befall one who violates the peace of Pharaoh.” Despite this threat, in 1922 Egyptologists Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon opened the tomb. Four months later, died of malaria Lord Carnarvon. Financier George Jay died of a fever later six months after visiting the tomb. Wolf Joel (South African millionaire), a few months after his visit to Egypt was killed. Mace, member of the archaeological group Carter, was poisoned by arsenic, and Carter’s personal secretary was found strangled in his own bed. Curse etzi

A photo from open sources The Etzi Ice Mummy was discovered in 1991 in the Alps on the border between Austria and Italy. Age discovered The mummy is approximately 5300 years old. Rainer Henn, Trial the pathologist who examined the body of the mummy died a year later in car accident. Guide Kurt Fritz who showed the mummy pathologist, shortly afterwards died as a result of collapsing avalanches. Helmut Simon, who first discovered the body, died of falling while walking. Dieter Varneke, who led the team the search for the mummy died of a heart attack after a few hours after the funeral of Helmut Simon.

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