The most fantastic artifacts disappear without a trace

The most fantastic artifacts disappear without a tracePhoto from open sources

Archaeologists, or even just random people, periodically find fantastic artifacts proving that highly developed civilization on our planet has existed for hundreds of millions of years back. However, evidence of a completely different history of our Earth is not consistent with generally accepted academic dogma, somewhere disappear without having made a revolution in science.

One of the brightest, and therefore the most fantastic artifacts was a find accidentally made by tourists near the north Kamchatka village Tigilya (district center of the same name district of Koryaksky Autonomous Okrug). These were fossils of some kind of mechanism. (see photos and videos). Naturally, soon arrived here archaeologists from St. Petersburg. Headed this group Researchers Yuri Golubev. Having studied the gears fossils and other mechanisms, scientists came to the conclusion – to them, how at least 400 million years.

A photo from open sources

That is, on Earth, someone created and used the most complex mechanisms half a billion years ago, although academic science proves to us that a person appeared no earlier than 2 – 2.5 million years BC, and he became intelligent even later – by force tens of thousands of years ago.

Soon to study a fantastic find in Kamchatka American scientists joined in agreeing with the findings of your colleagues from St. Petersburg: yes, it’s certainly petrified the details of some device, say, a computer, and this a miracle of almost half a billion years!

Since there were supposedly no people on Earth at that time, she was born version of the unearthly origin of this artifact. However in this case we must admit that aliens exist and that they are already have been to our planet, with which academic science also did not may agree.

Where do the priceless artifacts go?

Now let’s say the main thing: Kamchatka fantastic artifact found five years ago, the noise about this no one then much raised, even the press modestly only mentioned a unique find. Another thing is interesting: in almost every note it was possible read the statement that this should turn our eyes on Earth’s history, revise it.

And that is all! Today about this fantastic artifact, like about many others like that, neither rumor nor spirit. Where are they located in What museum, university or religious repositories are gathering dust? Or maybe they were completely destroyed long ago so as not to embarrass the minds of the gray crowd, which is supposed to know only what is supposed to. What kind of revision stories were told by hollow journalists if on Earth in due time Thousands of skeletons of giants destroyed, all ancient manuscripts, not to mention later manuscripts, including church? If it were possible, the powers that be would have corroded memories of bygone days even from folklore and gene memory, but too tough for the time being to the ruling elite. We give finally, the words of the writer and political scientist Andrei Stolyarov, so that it became clear to everyone why even the most unique historical No one needs the finds, and therefore disappear without a trace:

When in the third century BC e. Chinese commander Qin Shihuang Di conquered six kingdoms and founded the “oldest” empire Qin, the first thing he did was to collect all the historical chronicles conquered countries and destroyed them, so that the history of China begins with Empire Qin. But they did and still do rulers of the world: Ancient Egypt, eastern tyranny, medieval Christian despotism opposed paganism and the great Vedic culture of Russia …

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