The most stupid cults, or what you believe

The most stupid cults, or what you believe in.A photo from open sources

Mankind has always been interested in such difficult issues as where did we come from, is there God, and what awaits us after death? Naturally, people tried to give answers, and so many religions. And with them various religious movements, many of which may seem, to put it mildly, strange … Pink Unicorn and Atheists Talking About God Everywhere, Convinced atheists create their religious movements. Yes, it is atheists! Moreover, most often with the aim of mocking the fanatical side religion. This is how the Invisible Pink Unicorn was born – the great deity of atheists, making fun of theism in its existence generally. By the way, this symbol is the same for all atheists in the world. True, more like a narwhal (a cetacean squad) than a unicorn, but it is not for us to judge the Pink creature, which we also cannot see. However, this deity has many names and forms. So for example in A Flying Pasta Monster appeared in Kansas in 2005 with one caricature religion – pastafarianism. What can I say – the war between atheists and believers does not stop for a moment, but Today we will talk about something else … Caution, do not kill the microbe! To date, a great many different beliefs are known. Sometimes everything comes to the point of absurdity, and sometimes it causes fear at all. So, for example, one of the oldest religions of India – Jainism – preaches a complete rejection of harm to any living thing. Professing Jainism does not eat meat and does not touch weapons. There are among them real fanatics of “shvetambara”, which translates as – “dressed light. “The whole” charm “of these guys is that they don’t wear at all no clothes other than a gauze bandage through which they breathe so that Do not accidentally destroy any midge. When they go somewhere, then be sure to sweep the road in front of you with a broom, so as not to crush “little soul” running underfoot. The paradox is that, given their beliefs, they cannot hunt, cattle breeding, agriculture, so most of them are traders and loan sharks, and here they will not miss their own. In Canada, the same attitude to a living soul the opposite. There among the indigenous population are still since then, the cult of worship of the cannibal god Baksbakualanksve has been preserved. Fortunately, the Indians are not likened to their god, because cannibalism is “now not in fashion. “Brazilian Indians honor spirits. It seems to be nothing unusual, but, according to their theory, the spirits first created the Universe, and then hid in human bodies in the “image” of worms. Indians tapirape tribes believe that worm-spirits help people in all endeavors, and a person without worms is a damned person. Yeah cult for an amateur … Sacred planes During World War II another interesting cult arose in the war – the cult of cargo. It all started with the fact that America began to build its bases and airfields on islands of oceania. The war went on without stopping, the bases became everything more, all kinds of supplies were brought to the islands. Part of provisions fell into the hands of the natives and was this part so large that the Papuans soon completely stopped working, because the food just fell from the sky. Of course, the natives decided that the gods had mercy on them and send their gifts. With the end of the war, the Americans left, along with they stopped supplying military bases and airfields, which means no more gifts from the gods … But enterprising shamans are not confused. They logically assumed that the gods had stopped sending food, because the airfields were gone. Then all honest people got busy building fake military altar bases so the gods again have shown grace. Visits from space The worst thing is that not only Papuans and Indians are subject to such massive psychoses, but people are quite civilized. So, for example, in the same Canada already For about twenty years there has been a religion of the Raelians. Its creator and High Priest Claude Rael claims that his father is an alien, which will certainly fly from outer space in order to save humanity. Funny, isn’t it? And people are being led, and adherents of this religion in the tens of thousands. Myrrh-streaming Putin In Russia the situation is even more fun. In 1997, in the village of Bolshaya Yelnya Nizhny Novgorod region healer Svetlana Robertovna Frolova opened a parish in her own house. The parishioners know her as mother Photinia the Lightbringer, and she herself claims to be the reincarnation of “Christ Eve.” The most interesting thing is that the mother of Photinius declared Vladimir Putin a saint, and the icon with his image – myrrh-streaming. What the president himself thinks about this remains a riddle … Great intelligence Anyway – the most dangerous a sect numbering billions is the Internet! By the way, The Internet gives its branches, for example, Google. Representatives of Google sure Google search engine is the only one God. Judge for yourselves: Google can give answers to any questions, it doesn’t It does evil, and besides, it is incorporeal, which means it is immortal. And he watching you, yes, it’s you. The fact is that Google saves all the information that you give him, and he will keep her forever. Moreover, he is absolutely omnipresent, talk to this deity, in the presence of coverage of the Internet network, possibly in any point of the globe. Dear readers, whatever your religion: Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Judaism, Pastafarianism (or, maybe you believe in “power”, worms, aliens, or else someone), do not forget the main thing – you, first of all, People. And only then adherents of one or another religion. And therefore love and respect each other …

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