The mysterious artifact found in Vologda became even more mysterious

The mysterious artifact found in Vologda has become even more mysterious.A photo from open sources

Almost five years have passed, as in Vologda during city excavations a strange stone object was found that looked more like some kind of mechanism, or rather, part of the mechanism.

The size of a matchbox, this artifact immediately attracted attention of many archaeologists and historians. He was found in the cultural layer of the XVIII century, however, scientists immediately made the assumption (and not unfounded) that this strange little thing has a much more ancient origin.

As the archaeologist Natalya Vasilyeva clarified to reporters, the uniqueness of that find was even that nothing similar in Vologda have not been discovered either earlier or later. But here is what strange: a five-year-old newspaper article says that the mysterious artifact will soon be sent to the laboratory, where researchers using the most advanced tools and instruments determine its exact age and, possibly, purpose.

A photo from open sources

And that’s the whole thing, as they say, is over. About the mysterious Vologda artifact today few people know – more rumors, why it becomes even more mysterious. Could write that scientists never found out what it is nor how much artifact years. But rather, in this case another question begs – and where today is this strange archaeological find from which are there only one pictures left? ..

What’s so strange, Internet users immediately ask? We have many uncomfortable artifacts that do not fit into the framework generally accepted concept of the development of human society and by someone invented stories, right there … disappear. Most likely settle in private collections: it is beneficial for the same museums, it is safe for the same orthodox scholars, this suits the powers that be. IN in general, as they say, everyone is happy. And only the inquiring mind of the individual independent researchers continue to worry and resent but … nobody cares …

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