The mysterious “constructor” of pre-Chinese civilization Whary

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In the province of Ayacucho Peru are the ruins of pre-Chinese civilization, which scientists call Uari. And these ruins amaze researchers strange blocks that resemble the details of a children’s designer, only huge and in a state where most of it components are lost, and therefore to collect something is already practically impossible.

A photo from open sources

These stone blocks scattered across a vast territory, astonish scientists with their impenetrable riddles:

  • firstly, they are all of unusual shape, obviously artificial (nature it just doesn’t waste its strength), as if executed “under stamping “, and some” stones “have a completely amazing shape in in the form of a slightly elongated letter “U”;
  • secondly, in some blocks round holes are drilled, completely identical and, surprisingly, very even, as if all this made with the help of a huge drill of a giant stone cutter.

A photo from open sources

What were these “building blocks” meant for? remains a secret behind seven seals, despite all the efforts of scientists and independent researchers. However, as well as using what tools all this was done.

As for the first question, some researchers of this mysterious “constructor” there is an assumption that all of it Details intended for the construction of aqueducts. However confirm this hypothesis is not yet successful, since no ancient conduit from such or at least similar stone blocks.

A photo from open sources

No less difficult is the second question: the fact is that Uari civilization existed within 500 BC and 1000 years of our era, and she didn’t even know the wheel, not to mention written language (to convey some information about yourself). How way these semi-wild tribes could create so complex stone structures using an equally sophisticated processing technique them, it’s not clear.

A photo from open sources

Finally, the last mystery remains why all these details are so and were not assembled into that fantastic design of the “designer”, which apparently still existed? What prevented this? AND the main thing is to whom? ..


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