The mystery of Ayud artifact

The riddle of Ayud artifactPhotos from open sources

Near the Romanian city of Ayud, workers accidentally found in a sand quarry fragments of bones and some other strange object, similar to the hatchet of an ancient person, which is why this artifact and received the name – Ayuda hatchet.

The bones turned out to be the remains of the teeth of a mastodon – the ancestor of modern elephant, which allowed us to determine their age: mastodons lived on our planet twenty million years ago. And here is a strange artifact in the form of a hatchet or a detail of some mechanism a unique find since it was made of an aluminum alloy (90 percent) and twenty other components. Given that mankind learned to extract aluminum from alumina only in nineteenth century using electrolysis, and such an alloy unknown to modern science, it remains only to shrug or to assume that this is the work of the hands of aliens. Especially about his colossal age eloquently testified oxide a film that covers any aluminum product in air. But at the same time, the thickness of such a film does not exceed 0.0001 millimeters. Ayudsky hatchet had an oxide film of more than a millimeter, which talks about the solid age of this artifact, numbering many tens, or even hundreds of millions of years …

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None of the experts in various fields of science could determine in which mechanism a similar mechanism could be used detail. True, aircraft engineers have suggested that the artifact is similar to the support of a small aircraft with a view to softer it touchdowns. Lightweight and very durable aluminum alloy clearly of unearthly origin (could lie underground for millions of years) quite suitable for such a mechanism.

In recent years, scientists never found out about this artifact. nothing significant, especially since the unique find itself soon disappeared and, according to some researchers, say, a ufologist M. Hazemann, who happened to have her and then hold it in his hands, is now in Romania in a private collection. However still remains a mystery who managed to melt twenty million years ago such a complex alloy and create a part to a mechanism incomprehensible to us. Many scholars believe that ayuda hatchet will remain a mystery to us, like many other artifacts, let’s say one hundred million years old London hammer, or frozen in stone an imprint of a sandal, numbering generally half a billion years …

A photo from open sources

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