The mystery of building idols on Easter Island unraveled

The mystery of building idols on Easter Island is unraveledA photo from open sources

And although we did not put a question mark in the title, in fact scientists have proposed only another version of how they were moved these multi-ton stone “women” from the quarry ashore and even how they were wearing 13-ton “hats” painted in red. By the way, the “bodies” and “hats” of these stone idols were made in different quarries, almost at the opposite ends of the island Easter.

Still, how did these statues and their “hats” move to them on such great distances, and the latter still rose and dressed? A team of American scientists led by a professor Binghamton University Carl Lipo managed to connect putting together the methods of physics, archeology and computer simulation, thanks to which she came to an interesting conclusion about what they told the world in an article in the Journal of Archaeological Science.

Here is what the anthropologist Lipo says about this:

We noticed that on the “bodies” of statues and their “hats” should remain traces of movement, transportation and so further, as, however, on the ground itself, but there are practically none. AND then we realized that these multi-ton idols could be moved only by the method of “swinging” and “steps”, as it moves, for example, a heavy refrigerator in the house, even a weak person, tilting it’s on one, then on another corner. And the statues of Easter Island were cut down so that such “walking” of stone “women” was least labor intensive and most convenient. But the “hats” are just rolled, and lifted using a gentle slide made of sand and sea ​​pebbles. Moreover, these “hats” were dressed on a still tilted stone “woman”, which then leveled off. Computer modeling confirmed our theory. Everything turned out to be much simpler what did we think …

A photo from open sources

Carl Lipo is sure that in ancient times people knew a lot of such secrets, and therefore it was not necessary when building the same Egyptian or the Chinese pyramids of some thousands of human resources. For example, it was easy to cope with a similar task on Easter Island. a small bunch of aborigines.

Is the mystery of the construction of Easter Island idols unraveled the construction of Egyptian pyramids and other ancient structures?

However, not all researchers of the ancient world agree with the conclusions American scientists on the methods of setting idols on Easter Island, considering that this is just another version, and nothing more. The most progressive scholars of antiquity argue that Carl Lipo team correctly answered only one question: the ancient people possessed knowledge that we have lost, and therefore build your guesses, falling into the trap of our current idea of the world.

For example, modern scientists constantly circumvent such a scrupulous the question (since from a scientific point of view it has not yet been resolved), how the ability of the ancient inhabitants of the earth to control gravity. But in There are examples in the modern world when some people practice showed that gravity is easy to “get around”, so moving any weights becomes child’s play, and even human flights are made possible (and speech in this case it’s not about levitation, although there, and here the principle is the same same).

For example, we already talked about a person on our portal, who solved the mystery of the construction of the Egyptian pyramids. It was émigré from Latvia Edward Lidskalnin, who managed alone and without use powerful modern technology to build a coral castle (see video below) – a complex of huge stone blocks. Later he didn’t even hide that his whole secret is based on the possibility to circumvent the law of gravity and that he got all this knowledge from documents that reached us telling how the pyramids were built in Egypt (you just need to be able to read between the lines).

We talked on the pages of our site about Russian entomologist V.S. Grebennikov, who simply spied on insects anti-gravity effect of cavity structures, due to which insects and cockroaches fly while their wings in this case only set the direction of flight. Based on this discovery, Victor Stepanovich created and successfully tested the gravitational vehicle, which in further (before death) simply destroyed (along with all records) so that this unit does not fall into unclean hands.

All this suggests that ancient people could know such simple things like gravity and its control, if all this is easy even insects enjoy it. We are just in our “man-made trap” so divorced from nature that we can’t even imagine how it in ancient Egypt or on Easter Island dispensed with lifting cranes and other mechanisms, and therefore come up with “ancient” analogues “of such anthropogenic construction, perhaps even not suspecting how things really were.

It would be more accurate to say even this: we suspect something, just admit to ourselves that we are dumber and helpless ancient inhabitants of the Earth by no means can. Pride seizes …

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