The mystery of Stonehenge revealed

The mystery of Stonehenge revealedA photo from open sources

World famous English Stonehenge, one of the main riddles of history, how did it arise? Modern researchers are sure – people helped … Stonehenge consists of 30 huge stone pillars, interconnected by boulders. The weight of the largest of them reaches 50 tons! Together they create a circle whose diameter is 106 meters. But the most incredible thing is that these stones are lined up so that you can calculate the time of sunrises and sunsets, dates winter and summer solstices and even eclipses. Not only that with the help of Stonehenge, modern astrophysicists were able to calculate that there is a permanent difference of 56 years between eclipses! Researchers say that Stonehenge not inferior to the most modern astronomical observatories. Few he could even compete with some of them. After all, with with the help of this grandiose structure, our distant ancestors could learn not only the structure of the solar system, but also in advance predict space events that are supposed to happen in in the nearest future. So, they could calculate the meteor shower, or, as we call it today, star rain, predict changes in the sun and even predict the appearance of a comet or an asteroid near with our planet. But who could build mysterious stonehenge? Science says primitives did it people who lived at that time in modern Great Britain? They dragged stones on the ground, kilometer per kilometer. For several decades. Like the ancients the Egyptians are the builders of the pyramids. The paradox is modern engineers, trying to repeat the experience of ancient builders, so they could not do this in practice. Does not work drag stones of such severity. I can’t get them up such a height. I can’t stack them with such accuracy. But was ancient man smarter than a modern engineer? Modern researchers believe: in order to build this huge stone complex on their own, to ancient people it would take decades, not centuries! According to them, rather of all, the ancient people really built Stonehenge, but … not yourself. They were helped to do this … alien aliens. They are gave ancient people space knowledge, incredible technology construction and helped create an observatory on Earth. Little of, some researchers suggest that using alien tech ancient people built spaceships. And they could themselves to go out into space and study not only the solar system, but the whole The universe.

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