The mystery of the ancient Chinese caves of Longyu

The mystery of the ancient Chinese caves of LongyuPhotos from open sources of

In zhejiang province eastern quizhou chinese folk republic in 1992 were accidentally found caves of Longyu, which still remain a mystery to scientists.

Longyou Caves – a group of artificially created in the underground mountains premises that at the time of their discovery were completely flooded with water, and therefore, apparently, remained so long period inaccessible to people, as well preserved. Archaeologists determined that the Longyu caves were created at the beginning of the third century before AD, that is, during the reign of the Qin Dynasty.

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However, the very date of the creation of the caves still causes many researchers doubt because it was determined by deposits of stalactites, and this is a very indirect and inaccurate indication on the true date. Some scholars believe that Longyou Caves created much earlier, and most importantly – it is not known by whom.

The fact is that all 24 underground facilities of Longyu are huge, and their the walls are amazing with their amazing surface finish, not to mention beautiful bas-reliefs. Making it all with hand chisels was easy impossible: the parallel stripes with which the walls are covered go under a slope of 60 degrees, and they are made so accurately (to millimeter), as if a car “bite” into them, leaving them at a rather solid stone siltstone strictly symmetrical stripes. But from where machine time? ..

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Another mystery of Longyou Caves is that not one China’s historical source does not mention this grand a construction that seems at least strange. If these caves really created by hand, then for such work a solid army of masons would be required, but neither no information.

Do not shed light on all these riddles and bas-reliefs on the walls stone caves: these are typical images from Chinese mythology. The only acceptable assumption remains that for some Longyou Caves natural anomalies shortly after their creation were flooded with water, but because they tried to forget about them faster, how about annoying mistake.

A photo from open sources

On the other hand, it could be a secret place that was known few, and they did not even have the right to mention him. If again turn to the fantastic stone processing then the conclusion is that these structures could be created by the gods, that is, aliens, and therefore have become so secret. And when they were flooded with water, by whom and why – that’s another question …

Water Time Stones Caves

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