The Mystery of the Betse Orb

Of all the mysterious balls that happened to explore to scientists, this one was the most incomprehensible – it moved on its own, as if controlled by a certain mind, and reacted to external irritants.

March 26, 1974 21-year-old intern Terry Matthew Betz, his father, Navy engineer Antoine and mother Jerry inspected the damage, left on their lands by a recent forest fire. Betsev Farm located near Jacksonville, Florida. During the inspection they found a polished metal ball with a diameter of 20.22 cm and a weight 9.67 kg.

The Secret of the Betse OrbPhoto from open sources

There were no seams or dents on it, except for small triangular mark 3 mm in size. If he fell from above, then at a very low speed, since it did not form crater and not buried in the ground. The fire didn’t leave any traces.

Terry decided to take the ball to the house, where he lain the next two weeks, like the most ordinary piece of iron. But when a young intern decided to entertain his girlfriend Teresa Fraser playing the guitar, a ball came to life! He began to vibrate like a tuning fork, and emit strange pulsating sounds in response to certain notes. Audible sound accompanied by infrasound: Betsev’s dog started because of this whine, covering the ears with paws.

Betts soon discovered that the ball can ride on its own. If you push it on the floor, the ball may stop, then again to roll, and so several times – until he returns to pushing like a boomerang. Once he rode 12 minutes in a row without one stop!

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It turned out that the ball responds to weather conditions – on clear days he rode more actively than in inclement weather, and if put on the shady side of the room, often slipping into the sunny. On the artificial heat sources like a heater or soldering lamps, he did not respond. Periodically the ball vibrated with a low frequency, as if the motor was working inside. On steel surface there was only one place with strong magnetic properties (later it turned out that the ball has three magnetic poles, and maybe all four).

If you put the ball on the table, it continued to roll, but never fell down – as if it were controlled by a certain mind, moving away from the edge. When one of the family members lifted the edge of the table so that the ball finally fell, he continued to hold, using rapid rotation around your axis! If the ball is shaken violently in your hands, then put on surface, he began to run away, bouncing, according to Terry, like a giant mexican jumping bean.

Photo from open sources

After observing the ball, the Betsev family decided to talk about it public and find scientists who would solve the mystery. First they called the local Jacksonville Journal. Editors sent to the farm photographer Lon Enger. About what happened next Lon said this:

“Mrs. Betz told me to put the ball on the floor and push it. He swept a little and froze. What’s next? She says, “Wait a bit. “The ball turned itself, rolled to the right for about 1.2 meters, stopped, then turned again and, having rolled to the left about 2.5 m., Described a large arc and returned straight to my feet. ”

Anger, returning to the editorial office, wrote a sensational article. Soon, the whole country spoke of a ball in Betsev’s house. Farm besieged reporters. The military and ufologists, in turn, also paid tribute this story. Navy spokesman Chris Berneringer said in his the presence of the ball also rolled as he wanted.

At night, strange music began to sound in Betsev’s house, similar to an organ or something like that. The doors began to swing open and slam on their own at any time of the day or night. Family decided that the ball should be transferred to representatives of the Navy for more detailed study.

The military enlightened the ball on a powerful x-ray machine and found that its wall thickness ranges from 1.09 to 1.14 cm – this thickness allows the ball to withstand pressure up to 120 thousand pounds per square inch. Of course, he could fall off the table without all harm to oneself. The spectroscope showed that its body is made stainless steel mixed with nickel. Its closest analogue is “alloy 431” for work in high temperature conditions, maximum corrosion resistant.

Under this shell, which even under the x-ray did not detect any seams, there were two more round objects surrounded own shell of material of unusual density. Ball turned out to be not radioactive. The military wanted to cut it, but the Betts refused to consent to an autopsy and demanded the ball back. Since the find was not identified by the military, the Betts decided that it was maybe an alien device.

Just at that time, the National Enquirer yellow newspaper announced that she would pay $ 10,000 for “the best scientific evidence UFO existence “and $ 50,000 for” proof that UFOs have alien origin. ”

To the commission, which was to decide the fate of both prizes, eminent ufologists including Allen Heineck entered. Betse family decided to give the ball to the newspaper, hoping to win a good amount, and at the same time to conduct additional research finds through Journalists from the largest US newspaper.

April 20 and 21, 1974 the ball was in the spotlight commission, but Betts were not given money – in the end, they could not prove that the ball has anything to do with UFOs. But a member commission Dr. James Harder, having done some density calculations elements of the ball, I came to the conclusion that there is something inside atomic number for 140 (recall that in nature the most difficult element – uranium with atomic number 92, and in accelerators and in the reactor elements with numbers up to 118) were synthesized.

Three years later at the UFO Congress in Chicago 24 June 1977, Harder intimidated everyone: if only to drill in a ball hole, a chain reaction will happen inside and it will explode like an atomic bomb. Besides, maybe he’s still under supervision aliens and they can severely punish the encroaching on their device!

At this point, Betts somewhere disappeared along with the ball. Find them failed. Where now lies the mysterious find and what it was on in fact, it remained a mystery. And if Harder was right, not will we wait for some poor fellow to pick up a drill …

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