The mystery of the disappeared Nittaevo tribe

The mystery of the disappeared Nittaevo tribeA photo from open sources

Perhaps we will never know whether existed on in fact, wild people who were called the Nittaevo tribe. Mysterious dwarfs were exterminated by their more advanced relatives and disappeared, leaving only legends about themselves. TRADITIONS ABOUT THIEF Dwarfs About this tribe in 1887 English the traveler Hugo Neville heard from a Sinhalese hunter. The hunter learned about nittaevo from his friend, who was one of the last representatives of the Vedda tribe living in the southeast Ceylon (since 1972 the island of Sri Lanka). Tom, in turn, about wild folk told an elderly relative named Coralia. The people of Nittaevo lived in a remote mountain region of the region Leanama. These were very stunted erect creatures without tails, their growth ranged from 90 to 120 cm. One by one reports that their whole body was covered with thick hair, according to others – thick hair was only on his legs, which, most likely, unlikely. These creatures had stocky and powerful arms with short brushes, whose fingers ended in sharp long claws. They didn’t speak the nittaevo speech, but somehow communicated with each other with the help of some chirping sounds. These dwarf creatures lived in small groups in caves or on platforms peculiar “nests” built of branches and covered with a canopy of leaves. They ate nittaevo, mainly meat. They caught squirrels, crocodiles, snakes, lizards, birds. Immediately tore the victim’s belly with sharp claws and feasted on her insides. Veda people despised these creatures for their lifestyle, and since the nittaevo regularly stole from people meat hung for drying, then soon peaceful coexistence has come to an end. Nittaevo had only sharp claws, and people have spears, bows and arrows. Dwarfs began to exterminate. Only due to their dexterity and cunning they are still some time managed to survive and at night even attacked sleeping people, ripping open their bellies with their claws. However this went on not for long, at the end of the 18th century, the Veddas drove the last cave, covered the entrance with branches and set fire to it. None of the dwarfs survived. You might think that Neville could have been told a fairy tale, but this information was confirmed at the beginning of the XX century. Frederick Lewis visited the Leanama area and also heard about these unusual creatures, and he was told that the last battle with nittaevo occurred five generations ago. Mostly information about nittaevo coincided with received in due time Neville. “HOBBIES” WITH ISLAND FLORES Could relate to the traditions of the tribe nittaevo with a fair amount of skepticism, however, the findings of the latter decades clearly hint that this is not worth doing. In 2004 the remains of dwarfs were discovered on the island of Flores in Indonesia about 1 m tall and weighing 25 kg, which they immediately nicknamed the hobbits. It was possible to establish that these mysterious dwarfs lived on an island about 20,000 years ago, they have a very small brain (380 cm3), but this did not stop them from making pretty perfect stone guns. Some researchers believed that the “hobbits” are grinding descendants of archanthropes (homo erectus), others suggested that they descended from Australopithecus, but skeptics they saw in them simply patients with microcephaly homo sapiens. At this moment found the remains of nine “hobbits”. Radiocarbon methods and thermoluminescent dating managed to establish that the most the oldest of them is about 94,000 years, and the latest – 12,000 years. It turns out that the “hobbits” existed on the island in parallel with modern man. However, they were not freaks or sick, but were representatives of a species unknown to science. It succeeded prove to scientists, and the “hobbits” were called the man of Florence (homo floresiensis). NEW FINDS So man floresian officially recognized and he was a dwarf of something like this the same height as the people of the Nittaevo tribe. Is this a coincidence? Think that not. This region was once inhabited by a dwarf species of people. We must look in the Leanama area for the remains of people nittaevo; if undertake such searches, no doubt, sooner or later they will end in success. Recently, in ten caves on islets in the western parts of the Pacific (state of Palau) was made sensational find – bones of dozens of small people buried 1-3 thousand years ago. Their height is about the same as that of dwarfs from the island Flores, but scientists have so far attributed them to the form homo sapiens due to relatively large brain. However, the authors of the find are still noted that in the skeletons there are primitive features. Is being created the impression that scientists are simply afraid to make revolutionary conclusions, the authors of the find interpreted it as a case of an island dwarfism … People settled on a small island and chopped, and this supposedly indicates a high evolutionary plasticity man … And this despite the fact that next to the caves discovered burials age 940-1080 years, where there were human remains normal growth. For some reason, it doesn’t occur to anyone to say that the monkey is a case of a dwarf gorilla … Look, which a variety of sizes in monkeys: from tiny to very large like a gorilla and an orangutan. Most likely, this once It was a man, not in vain in myths and traditions of almost all peoples of the world mention is made of gnomes, dwarfs, and giants. Andrey Sidorenko

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