The Mystique of the Mona Lisa

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Perhaps not a single picture in the whole history causes so much heated debate, how many “Gioconda” Leonardo da Vinci. Scientists art historians and historians are struggling with the mystery who is depicted in the picture is some woman or is it a veiled self portrait Leonardo? But most of all questions are her mysterious smile. A woman as if hiding something from the audience and at the same time taunts them.

It got to the point that doctors began to examine the picture and carried verdict: the woman in the picture is sick with such and such such and such diseases that cause mimic contractions, mistaken for a smile. Tons of books are written on the theme of “Mona Lisa” Hundreds of documentaries and feature films shot, published thousands of scientific and research articles.

In order to deal with the secret picture, for starters let’s talk a little about Leonardo himself. Geniuses like Leonardo, nature did not know either before or after. Two opposite mutually exclusive views of the world connected in it with some incredible ease. Scientist and painter, naturalist and philosopher, mechanic and astronomer … In a word, physicist and lyricist in one bottle.

The riddle of the “Mona Lisa” was solved only in the twentieth century., And then only in part. Leonardo used the sfumato technique when painting, based on the principle of dispersion, the absence of clear boundaries between subjects. This technique was somehow owned by his contemporaries, but he surpassed all. And the flickering smile of Mona Lisa is the result of this technique. Thanks to the soft range of tones that smoothly flow from one to another, in the viewer, depending on focusing the look, it seems that she is gently smiles, then smiles haughtily.

It turns out that the mystery of the picture is unraveled? Not at all! After all, there is still one mysterious moment connected with the Mona Lisa; the picture lives his life and inexplicably affects people around him. AND this mystical influence was noticed a very, very long time ago.

Photo from open sources

First of all, the painter himself suffered. Not over any of his works he did not work for such a long time! But it was ordinary order. Long four years, spending, according to estimates, at least 10 000 hours, with a magnifying glass in his hand, Leonardo created his masterpiece by applying strokes value of 1 / 20-1 / 40 mm. Only Leonardo was capable of this – it is hard labor, the work of the obsessed. Especially when you consider dimensions: only 54×79 cm!

Working on the “Mona Lisa”, Leonardo greatly undermined his health. With an almost unbelievable vitality, he almost lost her by the time the picture is complete. By the way, this is his most perfect and the mysterious work remained unfinished. I guess, yes Vinci always gravitated towards incompleteness. In this he saw a manifestation divine harmony and may have been absolutely right. After all, history knows many examples of how a desperate desire to end what started was the cause of the most incredible cases.

However, he carried exactly this work with him everywhere, not parted with her for a moment. And she sucked and sucked forces … As a result, within three years after the cessation of work on the artist began to senile very quickly and died.

Misfortunes and troubles haunted those who were somehow connected with the picture. According to one version, the picture shows real woman, not a figment of the imagination: Lisa Gerardini, wife Florentine merchant. She posed for the artist for four years, and then She died very quickly – at the age of twenty-eight years. Her husband after the wedding did not live very long; lover Giuliano Medici died soon from consumption; his illegitimate son from the “Mona Lisa” was poisoned.

On this, the mystical influence of the picture did not stop: historians dispassionately ascertain the ever new facts of her paranormal impact on people. The ministers of the Louvre were among the first to note this. – the museum where the masterpiece is stored. They have long ceased to be amazed at frequent fainting that happens to visitors near this picture, and note that if there is a long break in the museum’s work, “Mona Lisa” as if “darkens face”, but it costs visitors again fill the halls of the museum and give her a portion of admiring glances as Mona Lisa as if comes to life, juicy colors appear, background brightens, the smile is more clearly visible. Well, how can I not believe in energy vampirism?

The fact that the picture inexplicably affects those whoever looks at her for a long time noted in the 19th century. Stendhal who after long admiring her, she fainted. And just on today of such documented fainting registered more than a hundred. I immediately recall Leonardo himself, who spent hours looking at his picture, was eager to finish something in redo it … Already the hand was trembling, and his legs were barely worn, and he everyone was sitting near the Mona Lisa, not noticing how she was carrying away his strength. Leonardo, by the way, also had swooning near the “Mona Lisa”.

It is no secret that the picture is not only delights, but also scares people – and not so much of those scared less than admiring. Most often, the picture is frankly not like to children. Children are finer organized beings and feel the world. more at the level of emotions and intuition. They are not confused by universal the opinion that the “Mona Lisa” is a masterpiece, and it is customary to admire it.

They most often ask the question: what is there to admire? Some kind of wicked aunt, ugly, moreover … And, probably, not without reason, there is such a joke that Faina Ranevskaya once repeated: “The Gioconda lives so long in the world that she herself chooses who like and who doesn’t. “Not a single picture in the history of mankind no one would even joke to say that the picture de she chooses who to make an impression on.

Amazingly, even copies or reproductions affect people. Leonardov’s masterpiece. Paranormal Researchers paintings on people have long noted that if the family hangs reproduction by Ilya Repin “Ivan the Terrible kills his son”, copy Bryullovsky masterpiece “The Death of Pompeii”, a number of other reproductions and, in including the “Mona Lisa” in this family are much more likely to arise unexplained diseases, depression, loss of strength. Often such families get divorced.

So, the case is known when, to George Kostomarsky, the famous Petersburg psychic and researcher of paranormal influence paintings, one woman came with the desire to somehow save her, on the verge of disintegration, a family, Kostomarsky asked if in the house a reproduction of “Mona Lisa”? And when I got an affirmative answer, strongly recommended removing the reproduction. In this you can not to believe, but the family was saved: the woman did not just throw reproduction – she burned her.

John the Baptist in another painting by Leonardo is very feminine and his features resemble those of the Mona Lisa

Photo from open sources

Many researchers could not help but wonder: what is the secret such a negative effect of the picture on living people? There are many versions. Almost all researchers agree that everything is “to blame” Colossal energy of Leonardo. Too much strength and nerves he spent on this picture. Especially if the fate of the last research on the topic of who is still depicted.

According to Top News, Italian art critic Silvano Vincheti, one of the most famous researchers of Mona Lisa, proved that da Vinci painted a picture from a man. Vincheti claims that in the eyes of the “Mona Lisa” he found the letters L and S, which are the first letters of the names “Leonardo” and “Salai”. Salai throughout twenty years was Leonardo’s apprentice and, as many consider historians, his beloved.

So what – skeptics ask? If there is a version that “The Mona Lisa” – a self-portrait of da Vinci, why shouldn’t she be a portrait boys? What is mysticism about? Yes, all in the same crazy energy Leonardo! Homosexual relations not only revolt now normal public, the Renaissance was exactly the same. Leonardo da Vinci suffered from a misunderstanding of society, that’s “turned” a man into a woman.

No wonder artists are often called “creators”, alluding to the Creator The Almighty. The Lord God created people, the artist is also a kind of creates them. If this is just an artist – without that colossal Leonardo’s talent, without his energy power, is obtained simply portraits. If there is an incredible power, the energy message – it turns out very mysterious works that can somehow influence its energy to the viewer.

In the case of Salai, we have a desire not only somehow legalize the young man, but also an attempt to generally go against the human nature: turn a young man into a girl. What is not a sex change operation? It is logical that this act of creation, contrary to the Divine and human nature has the above consequences.

According to another version, da Vinci, being a member of a secret esoteric sect, tried to find a balance between male and female beginnings. He believed that the soul of a person can be considered enlightened only when both beginnings happily coexist in it. And created Gioconda is neither a man nor a woman. She combines opposite properties. But apparently, somehow it’s not so connected, therefore the negative impact …

Comparison of a self-portrait of Leonardo and Gioconda. Almost one in one.

Photo from open sources

The third version says that the whole thing is in the personality of a model by name Pachyphy Brando, who was an energy vampire. A leak vital energy initially causes the victim energy aggression apathy, weakened immunity, and then leads to serious health problems.

So, it is very similar to the fact that Pacifika was just that a person who absorbs the life energy of other people. Therefore, for short-term contact of a person with paintings that capture energy vampires, a manifestation of the syndrome may occur Stendhal, and with prolonged – and more unpleasant consequences.

In “Gioconda” concentrated the quintessence of the achievements of the great masters on the way to approaching reality. These are the results of his anatomical studies that allowed him to portray people and animals in completely natural poses, this is the famous sphumato, this is the perfect use of chiaroscuro, this is a mysterious smile, this and careful preparation of a special for each part of the picture soil, this is an unusually fine study of the details. Yes, and the fact that the picture is painted on a poplar board, and the poplar is a vampire tree, may also play a role.

And finally, the most important thing is the correct transfer of the intangible, more precisely – the subtle essence of the object of painting. His extraordinary talent Leonardo created a truly living creation, giving a long, continuing to this day, life Pacifike with all its characteristic features. And this creation is like the creation of Frankenstein, destroyed and outlived its creator.

So if Gioconda can do evil to people trying penetrate its meaning, then maybe you need to destroy everything reproductions and the script itself? But that would be an act of crime against humanity, especially since paintings with a similar impact per person in the world a lot.

You just need to know about the features of such paintings (and not only paintings) and take appropriate measures, for example, limit them reproduction, in museums with such works warn visitors and be able to provide them with medical care and etc. Well, if you have reproductions of The Mona Lisa and you think that they are bad for you, take them away or burn them.

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