The myth of Atlantis

For more than two thousand years, Plato’s story about Atlantis. Information about this country, allegedly, was reported by Sanchez, the high priest of the temple in Sais, the ancestor of Plato, ancient Greek philosopher and statesman, Solon, who visited Egypt about 600g. BC. Solon’s information about Atlantis, which reached Plato through Timaeus and Critius, were set forth by him in the eponymous sections of the “Dialogs”. ThePhoto from open source Atlantis Plato According to Plato’s story The Atlanteans created a civilization far superior to their achievements and power other nations of the Earth. They took expansion in the Mediterranean in order to conquer the peoples there. The limit of their aspirations, according to Sanchez, was laid by the ancestors of the Greeks. He provided amazing information about the time of events, sizes and location of Atlantis. From the very beginning to the present day, people in attitude towards Plato’s story are divided into romantics taking him for the truth, and for skeptics who do not believe him. First and most the authoritative skeptic was Aristotle. He believed that Plato invented Atlantis to reinforce his ideas about ideal the state. Aristotle’s famous phrase: “Plato is my friend, but the truth is more expensive, “he was told precisely on this occasion. Below some excerpts from Timaeus and Critias are given: “So, nine thousand years ago (Plato lived 428 BC, which means 10,000 + 2,000 years, so we read: 12,000 years ago) these lived your fellow citizens, about whose laws and whose greatest deed to me to tell you briefly; later, at leisure, we are with we’ll find out in writing all the circumstances and in order … After all, according to our records, your state has set a limit the insolence of the myriad military forces sent to conquer the whole Europe and Asia, and the path kept from the Atlantic Sea. Through the sea it was possible in those days to cross, for there existed the island that lay in front of that strait, which is called on your language of Heracles pillars. This island exceeded its size Libya and Asia combined, and with it then travelers it was easy to move to other islands, and from the islands to the whole opposite mainland … “[Dialogues of Plato, Timaeus]. In” Critia ” Plato tells the story of the settlement of this continent, the heyday and the deaths of the Atlantean civilization: “As you know, the gods divided between by lot all the countries of the earth. They did it without contention … Each of the gods settled in his own country; having settled, they began to cherish us, their wealth and pets, like shepherds the flock is being nurtured … So Poseidon, having received the island of Atlantis, populated her with children conceived by a mortal woman … Having produced, five once the twins are male, Poseidon raised them and divided the whole island of Atlantis in ten parts, moreover, that of the oldest the four who were born first, he gave his mother’s house and surrounding possessions as the greatest and best share, and made him king over the rest, and the rest – archons, to each of whom he gave power over a populous people and a vast country … All of them and their descendants in a number of generations lived there, dominating many other islands of this sea and while, as already mentioned, extending all power along this side of the Pillars of Heracles up to Egypt and Tyrrhenia … Much was imported to them from subservient countries, but most of the necessities of life were provided by the island itself, first of all any types of minerals, hard and fusible metals, including what is now known only by name, and then it existed in practice: native orichalcum, extracted from the bowels of the earth in various places islands. The forest delivered in abundance everything that was needed for work builders, as well as to feed domestic and wild animals. There were a great many even elephants on the island, because the stern not only enough for all other living creatures inhabiting the swamps, lakes and rivers, mountains or plains, but for this beast, of all animals of the largest and gluttonous. Next, all the incense which the earth now nourishes, whether in the roots, in the grasses, in the wood, in oozing resins, in flowers or in fruits – all this she gave birth to there and perfectly nurtured. Moreover, everyone who is nurtured by man the fruit and cereal that we eat or from which we cook bread, and all kinds of vegetables, as well as any tree that brings food, drinks or tinctures, any unsuitable for storage and serving for fun and goodies the tree fruit we we offer for a snack fed up with lunch, – all this then a holy island under the influence of the sun gave birth to beautiful amazing and abundant. Using these gifts of the earth, kings set up shrines, palaces, harbors and shipyards and put everything in order country. For many generations, until exhausted inherited from God nature, the rulers of Atlantis obeyed laws and lived in friendship with akin to their divine principle: they vowed true and in all great order of thought, related to inevitable determinations of fate and to each other with a reasonable patience, despising everything but virtue, in no way set wealth and easily revered almost for the annoying the burden of a pile of gold and other treasures. They were not drunk with luxury, not lost power over themselves and common sense under the influence wealth, but, keeping sobriety of mind, we clearly saw that all this owes its growth to general agreement in conjunction with virtue and that when wealth becomes a matter of concern and turns out to be in honor, it goes to dust, and with it perishes and virtue. While they reasoned like that, and the divine nature retained its strength in them, all their wealth, in short, by us described, increased. But when the inherited share of God weakened, repeatedly dissolving in mortal impurities, and prevailed human nature, then they were no longer able to endure their wealth and have lost decency. For who knows how, at that time they were a shameful sight, for squandered the most beautiful of their values; but incapable see what a truly happy life consists of, they seemed more beautiful and happier just when it was boiling in them rampant greed and strength. And here is Zeus, the God of the gods, watching laws, being good at discerning what we were talking about, I thought about a glorious family who fell into such a miserable depravity, and decided impose punishment on him, so that he, sobering from trouble, learned to beautifulness. “[Dialogues of Plato, Critias]. This punishment was The great flood occurred 12,000 years ago. So Plato described Atlantis as a continent that exceeded Libya in area (Africa) and Asia combined, representing a large island (or a group of islands), which was located behind the Heracles pillars (Strait of Gibraltar) and sank during the Great flood for 9000 years before Solon, that is 11600-11500 years ago. Photo from open source strait of Gibraltar between Africa and Spain. Most modern researchers who believe Plato, represent Atlantis in the form of a continent, located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean between Europe and Africa with one side and two americas on the other which as a result tectonic processes plunged to the bottom, and there are trying to find it leftovers. However, geology leaves no hope for this. Photo from Open Source Sunken Atlantis Research recent decades have brilliantly confirmed Wegener’s assumption about that once under 1 and 2 races there was a single continent Gondwana, which split about 50 million years ago, and his fragments – Eurasia, Africa and two Americas – parted for the past time over a long distance. Photo from open source Gondwana Wegener came to this thought due to the coincidence of the coastlines of the continents located opposite each other across the atlantic ocean and found her confirmation of the coincidence of geological structures on corresponding sections of opposite coasts. His age sites, determined by the magnetization and thickness of sedimentary deposits, which continuously increases in proportion to their distance from the fault. All changes and inversions of the magnetic field Lands repeatedly occurring over 50 million years, recorded in basalt rock of the ocean floor during its formation, like on a tape. No anomalies in this laws allowing for the near or far past mainland in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, not found. But … The cultural influence of Atlantis on various civilizations of the world, noted by many researchers (pyramids, embalming and etc.) refers to a much more ancient time. The laws of Atlantes rather reminiscent of the ancient Aryan “Laws of Manu”, suggesting division of citizens into varna: “The laws of your ancestors you can imagine here: you will find many in Egypt now institutions adopted in those days (nine thousand years ago) and you, and, above all, for example, the priesthood, separate from others, then the estate of artisans, in which everyone is engaged his craft, no longer interfering in anything, and finally estate of shepherds, hunters and farmers; yes and military estate, as you must have noticed yourself, separately from the others, and members are required by law to take care of nothing but war … “Finally, Sanchez unequivocally pointed out where there was an expansion of “myriad military forces (Atlanteans), sent to conquer all of Europe and Asia, and the path kept from Atlantic Sea. “No less objections can be submitted also against considering Atlantis the American continent or its adjacent islands, as Andrew Collins does. About, that Atlantis is the same Hyperborea, legend says about Hercules travels for the rejuvenating apples of the Hesperides and cows Gerion. Photo from Hyperborea open source located at the North Pole Atlantov So, when going to the garden, the Hesperides Hercules went to the extreme west where the entrance to Hyperborea was located, guarded Atlant. And when going for the cows (or bulls) of Gerion, on the hyperborean island of Erithea (Erithea is one of the names of Hyperborea, which probably comes from its location beyond the Riphean mountains) Hercules goes to Erithaeus through Gibraltar, and returns from it through Scythia, located in the northeast from Greece: “Hercules, stealing the bulls of Gerion, arrived in the former then deserted, the land that is now inhabited by the Scythians. Gerion lived outside Pontus, inhabiting an island that the Greeks call Erithea. It is located near Gadir, located on the other side. Геракловых столпов у Океана”. Photo from Open Source Sacred Kailash – Mount Meru Atlantis The conclusion suggests itself that in all these traditions we are talking about one and the same country. American atlantologist I. Donnelly came to the conclusion that Atlantis was a common cultural center of the Old and New Worlds, and identified it with other mythological places: Eden, Hesperides Garden, Champs Elysees, Alcinois Gardens, Midgard Vikings. Herman Wirth, in his writings “The Origin of Man” and “The Sacred Writing of Humanity,” argued that Atlantis identical Hyperborea and Altland sacred country the tradition of the Inhevons. The name Altland means – old country. The Egyptians, apparently, did not understand its meaning, did not translate into their own language and distorted sound. And the names of the inhabitants of Midgard (Inhevona, Hermione and Istvone) could mean: living at the entrance (to Midgard), in middle and at its exit. Фото изopen source Midgard – Shambhala and Agarta Victor Yanovich “The Legacy of Millennia”

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