The oldest aqueduct of a forgotten civilization or trees?

Mount Baigong Shan, which is located in the Chinese province of Qinghai, not one year excites the minds of historians and paranormal scholars phenomena. On one of the mountain slopes is located pyramid-shaped design, by all indications having artificial origin – the structure consists of metal pipes extending far into the rock mass. According to some researchers, the age of the pipes is so great that, most likely, it’s not people who created the pyramid – at that time there was simply no technology, necessary for the implementation of such a project. The oldest water pipe of a forgotten civilization or trees?Photos from open sources Photos from open sources Photos from open sources

Employees of the Atlas of Obscura (an organization engaged in the search and a description of extraordinary cultural and natural sites, unfairly bypassed by popular tourist routes) It is believed that aliens could erect a pyramid:

“The diameter of the hollow pipes ranges from a few millimeters to 40 cm, and they are not located randomly, but in a certain order. Metal pipes penetrate deep into the rock, so as not to catch the eye. Nomads living in this area hardly had such advanced metallurgical skills, therefore, the pyramid is not their handiwork, most likely, they intervened here some more advanced civilizations. ”

However, proponents of “extraterrestrial” theories about the origin of this facilities will have to take into account the results of the latter scientific research of some scientists. According to their assumptions, “rusty metal pipes” are nothing but fossilized remains tree roots. As a result of diagenesis (gradual transformation soil in the rock) the roots were “embedded” in the rock, and then turned into something resembling rusty in appearance and properties metal tubes.

By the way, researchers have already found confirmation of this theory – in the material of which the “pipes” are composed is organic substances and even the remains of tree growth rings.


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