The oldest beer was far from egyptian

The oldest beer was far from EgyptianPhoto from open sources

Based on archaeological excavations and ancient manuscripts, scientists have long believed that the birthplace of the famous foamy Beer drink is Ancient Egypt. However, the decoding of the Sumerian sources allowed to change this opinion, and the Sumerians were already discoverers of beer.

However, more recently, namely during archaeological excavations 2018, Stanford University scientists led Professor Li Liu (see the picture below) discovered the oldest in the world a brewery near the Mediterranean city of Haifa (Israel). She is at least thirteen thousand years old.

The oldest brewery created by the Natufians living in this terrain during the Mesolithic. These were cavemen engaged in mainly fishing and hunting. But in their work a certain role was played by the gathering of edible and healthy herbs and cereals. Thanks to this, people of that time learned to cook hops drink.

A photo from open sources

They hollowed out stone pits in the form of vessels in which not only stored the plants they needed, but also crushed them, and then also heated. The brewing process of ancient beer was no less complicated, than today. For example, Natufians, Liu Liu explains, certainly sprouted wild-growing grain, which they collected, realizing that this is how the basis for a strong drink is created (malt is made). Then they ground these seedlings and heated the resulting mashed potatoes, adding to it again the natural yeast collected in the fields and forests. Beer at the same time turned out to be low alcohol, but apparently very thick …

American scientists have suggested that a beer drink originally had a ritual meaning, they, for example, remembered dead, noted (fixed) successful fishing and so on. Keep track of when a beer is just a “nice hop” used in bulk for pleasure, practically impossible …

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