The oldest Christian church discovered

The oldest Christian church discoveredPhotos from open sources of

Cappadocia was discovered in the Turkish historical area another underground city that hid, as archaeologists are convinced, the oldest Christian church in history. Ancient city with a church was discovered by accident during construction work in the town Nevsehir.

Local authorities immediately decided to stop construction. By According to officials, a religious building hidden underground can become one of the most valuable objects of worship of Christians by to the whole world. Pilgrims are believed to significantly enrich the budget. Nevsehir.

City Mayor Hassan Unver Announces Church Is Excellent preserved. Its walls are decorated with elaborate frescoes telling Ascension and Last Judgment. As far as world scientists know, in there are no other frescoes in the other oldest Christian churches on the planet. Turkish experts believe that the construction was built in the fifth century AD.

The church, as it turned out, is one of the many objects of the newly discovered underground city. His other buildings were once carved by stonecutters in soft rock. It is noteworthy that the city is located almost close to the famous Cappadocian historical and cultural reserve, which is the object of a worldwide UNESCO heritage.

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It is believed that it was the largest Turkish city of its time. Presumably, the first settlement arose here about five thousand years ago. Archaeologists have discovered over seven tunnels in the city kilometers in length.

So far, experts have not investigated the whole church. In particular, they opened the entrance and arch. General dimensions of the structure at the moment unknown.

Archaeologists had to suspend work before the onset of heat, as the paintings may suffer from winter moisture. With time scientists plan to open all the murals. In the meantime, it’s known that on the front of the church are murals depicting the crucifixion of Jesus and his ascension to heaven. There are also paintings with saints, apostles and prophets.


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