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The oldest of its kindA photo from open sources Modern man is accustomed to abundance technological innovations and other benefits of civilization, however most everyday objects around us existed many centuries ago. Of course, our ancestors did not there were devices to send sms or take a selfie, but they could use flush toilets, chewing gums and even sunglasses.

Here you will find a selection of the most ancient of its kind. life and things that we use to this day.

1. Socks (age – 1,500 years)

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The oldest known pair of woolen socks dates back to 300-500 year of our era. Socks were found in Egypt in 19th century, and the division of the thumb was allegedly made in order to wear them with sandals.

2. The oldest written recipe (5,000 years)

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The Sumerian beer recipe dates back to 3,000 BC. According to the recipe, the beer is very strong and contains pieces. floating bread in it.

3. The first sunglasses (800 years)

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The oldest sunglasses in the world were discovered on Baffin Land in Canada. They were like modern skiing glasses that reduce the glare from the sun reflected from the snow rays.

4. Ancient sculpture in the shape of a man (35 000 – 40 000 years)

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Venus from Hole-Fels is the oldest known to science Paleolithic Venus discovered in 2008 in the cave of Hole Fels near the German city of Schelklingen. Figurine depicting a figure human, was made from the tusk of a woolly mammoth.

5. The oldest shoes (5,500 years old)

worlds-oldest-ordinary-things-3A photo from open sources

This cowhide moccasin was found in caves of Armenia under a layer of dry sheep manure and grass. The left moccasin never found.

6. Ancient musical instrument (40,000 years)

worlds-oldest-ordinary-things-5A photo from open sources

This flute made from the radius of the neck of the neck was found on south of Germany. Scientists suggest that music could be important strategic advantage of the ancestors of modern man over Neanderthals.

7. The oldest trousers (3 300 years)

worlds-oldest-ordinary-things-6A photo from open sources

The oldest pair of pants was found in western China.

8. The oldest flush toilet (2,000 years old)

worlds-oldest-ordinary-things-8A photo from open sources

In the ancient city of Ephesus in Turkey, people were fulfilling their need here in such public flush toilets. Running water under the seats carried everything to the nearest river.

9. The oldest bra (500 years old)

worlds-oldest-ordinary-things-9A photo from open sources

This bra was used between 1390 and 1485 in Austria. There are earlier historical descriptions of pouches. for breasts, “but they have not survived to this day.

10. The oldest prosthesis (3,000 years)

worlds-oldest-ordinary-things-11A photo from open sources

This prosthesis 3,000 years ago helped someone in Egypt again to walk. An experiment carried out with its exact copy proved that the prosthesis was really working, comfortable and was not intended for cosmetic purposes only.

11. Wallet (4,500 years old)

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These dog teeth are all that remains of the decayed 4,500 year old wallet discovered in Germany. Teeth probably were part of the exterior.

12. Ancient condom (370 years)

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This sheep skin condom was used in 1640 in Sweden. It was reusable, and instructions for Latin, in which the product was recommended to clean with warm milk in avoid infection with sexually transmitted diseases.

13. Chewing gum (5,000 years)

worlds-oldest-ordinary-things-10A photo from open sources

This chewing gum was chewed in Finland 5,000 years ago. In her the composition included birch bark, so it was probably used for treating oral infections, and also used as glue.

14. An old recorded melody (3 400 years)

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The oldest surviving tunes composed in ancient the city state of Ugarit, which is now part of South Syria. The music was written for the lyre.

15. The oldest coin (2 700 years)

worlds-oldest-ordinary-things-13A photo from open sources

The oldest coin was found in the ancient city of Ephesus in Turkey. FROM one (and only) side of the coin has a relief pattern in the form the head of a lion.

16. The ancient globe (510 years)

worlds-oldest-ordinary-things-15-1A photo from open sources

Globe map carefully engraved on the surface. ostrich eggs in Italy. Before the true one was established age and origin of the globe, it was sold to the current owner at the London Cartographic Fair in 2012.

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