The oldest pants found

Pants discovered by archaeologists in China worn 3300 years back. Archaeologists Ulric Beck and Mike unearthed prehistoric pants. Wagner (Ulrike Beck and Mayke Wagner) from the German Archaeological Institute (German Archaeological Institute in Berlin), opening the grave in western China in the Tarim Depression (Yanghai graveyard in China’s Tarim Basin). Pants were put on the deceased – nomad.

Scientists have identified the burial age at 3300 years. And the pants accordingly, no less. More ancient have not yet been found. Not It is possible that these are one of the first.

Pants – in good condition. Wash – and you can wear. They are Solid, woolen, sewn from three pieces of fabric. Decorated places of embroidery. In the area of ​​the buttocks and perineum, hemmed an additional layer of fabric. What remind modern trousers for horse riding. Actually, archaeologists do not doubt the purpose discovered by their ancient pants. Of course, they were intended primarily for riders.

“3300-year-oldA photo from open sources

Pants 3300 years of age – at least where. It seems that they were weekend. Photo: German Archaeological Institute

Scientists generally believe that pants, as an element of clothing, invented nomads riding horses. And from them “fashion” spread and on foot.

The cut of modern riding pants has not fundamentally changed for 3300 years.A photo from open sources

Cutting modern riding pants is fundamentally not has changed over 3300 years Photo: Social networks

By the way, Otzi is an Austrian hunter, frozen in the mountains for 5300 years. back, did not wear pants. His legs were covered in a semblance leggings that ended on the hips and therefore pants could not be considered even with a big stretch.

The Otzi mummy was discovered in the Alps in 1991. A few years ago restored the appearance of the ancient Alpine.A photo from open sources

The Otzi Mummy was discovered in the Alps in 1991. Some years ago restored the appearance of the ancient Alpine. A photo: Archaeological Museum of South Tyrol

Pants did not know in ancient Egypt. In the tomb of Tutankhamun, living at about the same time as a nomad from a Chinese graves, only cowards were discovered. So 3300 year old pants for riding can indeed be the oldest.


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